Colonel Sanders Story | Motivational Story of Colonel Sanders

Colonel Harland Sanders, who was a successful American businessman and founder of famous KFC fast-food chain. After facing series of failures and rejections in his life, he proved it right that "The one who tries, never fails". Colonel Sanders was born in 1980, at a farm in Henryville, Indiana. He lost his father at very small age of 5 years. Death of his father left his family in financial trouble. His mother started working in factory which kept her away from home. Therefore, colonel took responsibility of his younger siblings and started cooking for them. At age of 7, he [...]

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How to Handle Success Life | What To Do After Success

Blog 74 How to Handle Success Life Why do we forget the importance of success after getting it . Success , for which we worked very hard and we dreamt a lot that one day we are going to get success in this particular thing . But after a certain period of time , the importance of success which we were having before success doesn't remain same after getting success . We don't give any importance to the success life which we’ve achieved . After getting success in one area we set goal for another success & don't respect the [...]

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Congratulations! You’re Into Your Karma | Benefits of Working

Blog 73 Importance of Karma/Work/Actions | Benefits of Working Imagine , you have joined a company & your job is to sell a product or service in the market . For that , You've to run in the market all day long . Sometimes it's scorching sun , sometimes it's shivering cold or the other time , It's raining . Sometimes , when you work under hot sun , You start feeling down , You start blaming your destiny that you don't have good work to do . You don't enjoy the moment at all , you don't concentrate on [...]

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Don’t Regret Over Your Wrongdoing !!

Blog 64 Many times in our life , we do mistake . We get into a wrongdoing , sometimes intentionally or unintentionally . Many people don't take such things serious about their life and move forward and leave the past as it is . Many people tries to learn something from the past incidents and then focus on the present . They commit to make their future bright by not repeating the same mistake / wrongdoing in the future which they did in past . These both cases are perfect because ultimately you are moving forward in your life . [...]

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Completion of 50 Blogs – Journey So far…

I published my first blog on fifth of July this year . It's not very long time but I enjoyed every bit of it . I tried to put the ideas in the way they worked in my life . I work to make my blogs extremely easy in order to easily understood by readers in this world . Most of the blogs came from my experience/situations . Eg. Couple of months back , I flew for a short trip with my friends . I observed something on airport & inside aeroplane . So , i expressed something on airports [...]

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How To Learn New Languages

Blog 47 There are so many languages in the world . At some stages of our life we've to learn & speak a foreign language because it is the need of the hour depends on the situation . It could be any sort of professional/personal urgency for us . Out of all languages , many languages are considered as easy language . But if that language is a foreign language for you , it is always tough for you to learn that language because it's new for you . Every language has its format/standard . Every language of the world [...]

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Your All Decisions Are Right

Blog 45 Most of us spend half of our life in regretting on our past decisions . When we don't get success after taking a particular decision , we start to blame the decision and ourselves that we took wrong decision that's why we didn't get success . Here , I say that none of your decisions is wrong . Each and every decision on your life is right . It's better you work more hard for your decision , which you made in past and be extremely confident about it . Still , there are many decisions which are [...]

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Most important phrase to be a successful person

Blog 43 I am going to talk about a very simple and a popular phrase which works effectively in our life . When we take this phrase serious , follow it & make a habit , we are going to get success in our respective field . Be it a Businessman , an Artist or a Sports person or anybody in the world . This habit work most for their success . The phrase is in English , which may be the part of few academic books as well around the globe . We could say it is a universal [...]

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Manushi Chhillar is Miss World 2017

Miss world 2017 winners are announced and Manushi Chhillar from India got the Crown. India got this proud moment after 17 years. Before this Priyanka Chopra (now famous actress) won Miss World contest in 2000. The 67th edition of the miss world pageant was held on 18th November 2017 at the Sanya, China. 118 contestants from all over the world took part in this event. Manushi Chhillar from India won the contest while Andrea Meza from Mexico and Stephanie Hill from England were the first and second runner-up’s respectively. Although, there were few challenge events in this contest. Aletxa Mueses [...]

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Make Your Friends Worthy for You

Blog 34 Make Your Friends Worthy For You We make many friends with our entire life. You make your friends with many stages while growing up. In general, we make few friends in childhood, then in school, then in high School/university/college. After that we make friends in our professional life. As far as our childhood friends or school friends are concerned, when some of them remain friends till we go in our professional life they become more than just friends or friends forever. These days, when privacy is taking over social life. We are becoming introvert somewhere & give more [...]

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How to become a successful youtuber (non technical)

Blog 25 Today YouTube isn’t an unknown name in the world. It may be possible that there is few/many regions in the world where there is no reach of YouTube or Internet. But, still YouTube is having a big customer base in the world. Every day, new people are connecting to Internet or to YouTube. So as earning money from YouTube is growing these days. So, a YouTuber is seeing a big market on YouTube. You could search for any video on YouTube. There maybe hardly any topic of which videos ain’t available on YouTube. Even many confidential/official videos are [...]

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Learnings From an Airplane Flight – Motivation N You

Blog 21 Get Motivational Feel While Flying in an Airplane Many of you must've experienced airplane in your life at least once. Some of you may fly for business, some of you for personal/family meetings, some of you maybe for other urgency & needful trip & others maybe for fun & enjoy. Now we could take few learnings from a ride of an airplane flight. These learnings could help us to live life better. We could link airplane flight learnings with our life. Let we now take on our learnings one by one.   Precautions / Safety Measures We all [...]

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Importance of Failure in Life

Blog 18 Importance of Failure in Life There may be hardly very few people in this world that don't want success or who want only failure in life. When I say success it doesn't mean only in a carrier, success could expect in non profitable things as well. Even when a person is in search of salvation he seeks success for it. Although by seeking salvation he is trying to go away from materialistic world. But still he seeks success in order to get salvation. If he would be able to live in salvation, it would be considered as his [...]

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Best way to find your dream Jobs 2017

Blog 16 - Best way to find dream Jobs  Follow my blog with Bloglovin   There are billions of youngsters, jobseekers all around the Globe. When they dream about their jobs, they see themselves doing a graceful and respectful job in which they enjoy working. Sometimes, they go for job list of priority basis. The most favourite job is on top of the list. They use different parameters for making such a list, sometimes they value their passion/talent/skills. But the other time they value other’s opinion and mainly society opinion. Some of them grow up by hearing many stories related [...]

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Get motivation while alone at home…with fine examples

Blog 11 How to get motivation while alone at home Examples include - Be an actor without coaching/training at home Be a writer with fun Many of you may believe or agree that only a negative thought is enough to distract us in life. When we have an empty mind, we have more chance of distraction of mind because we could be easily affected by more and more negative thoughts in this time and there is a universal phrase which is 'an empty mind is a devil's workshop'. So if you wanna live peacefully in your life you couldn't afford [...]

Win over the Fear of Failure

Blog 8 
 How to win over the fear of failure / future Once a day I was thinking that why do people get suicide, I looked around, went through suicide cases of newspaper/articles, talked to people & finally arrived on a conclusion that in almost all suicide cases primary cause is the fear of failure , it could be fear of getting into top business school/college, fear of getting desirable jobs, fear of happy married life/ relationship, fear of getting good marks/grades & so on. When you don't get any of the desired thing in your life. You get [...]

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Success Mantra 2

Blog 7 Success Mantra 2 - Don't waste your energy in unnecessary things Sometimes we make a goal for something but we end up doing something else, which is no where related to our goal. It could be a goal for a day, a month, an year or for entire life. You must agree that this happens to us. I believe that this is the prime cause for many failures of people (in career/personal life). Did you ever think guys that why does this happens to us. The fact is that we ourselves are responsible for this & sometimes we are [...]

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Advantages of a Backbencher

Blog 5  
 Advantages of a Backbencher / How could a backbencher become more skilful than front row students - We always persuade School going students to sit in front rows of the classroom or to avoid to sit at last & become backbenchers. We don't wanna see our child to become backbencher because we feel it equivalent to unworthy of a student or poor in education. Today, I am here to tell you with my personal belief that it's mere a myth of our society & a backbencher doesn't mean to think/feel as a poor in study or a [...]

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Outstanding Success Mantra For Every Aspect of Life

Blog 1 Success Mantra Almost Everyone has a common dream in their respective lives & the dream is to get more & more success in their life , in their career , in their work . There are many philosophies of the world having many ideas to get success in life . The idea which we are going to share is one of those . I am pretty sure that this success mantra is heard by almost everyone many times in their lives . My intention is only to push it a more time for another reminder to myself first [...]

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