Blog 47

There are so many languages in the world . At some stages of our life we’ve to learn & speak a foreign language because it is the need of the hour depends on the situation . It could be any sort of professional/personal urgency for us . Out of all languages , many languages are considered as easy language . But if that language is a foreign language for you , it is always tough for you to learn that language because it’s new for you . Every language has its format/standard . Every language of the world has different sense of speaking .

Even , all languages have different styles of writing . There are languages in the world which starts from right side and end towards left unlike English or many other languages . I don’t have any magic to make you expert at any foreign language overnight but i have simple three ideas which could make it easy about you to understand any language and build confidence to speak out that language . I believe , these three ideas are going to help you in order to learn any language of the world . So , Let’s we straightaway talk about our three ideas to be expert at any language by working hard .

Know The Right Format

All languages of the world have particular format of speaking and writing . In fact , there are many formats of a particular language . Now , it’s your job to find out the best format of the language , which you want to learn and speak . There are professors , scholars , language experts who have invented their own formats of several languages in order to make it available in easiest way for learners . So , anybody from any language background could read and learn that language easily . These formats are easily available on Internet as well . There are books in the market which talks about easy formats of languages . I recommend to focusing to go into roots of any language to be a master on it . You must know its basic functions , otherwise you would keep doing mistakes in that language .

For eg . You would see there are many people in the world that talk fluent English and they believe that they are perfect for English language . But when it comes to their pronunciation of words they are far away from the original way of speaking out this language . They don’t understand the use of vocal tools while speaking in English . They speak out English in the same tone as they speak their mother language .


Talk To Objects

When you have the right format of speaking a particular language , now it’s time to practice the format , phrases . If you find someone to talk in the language which you want to learn , it’s perfect . Otherwise , there is another way to do so . You could choose to talk to yourself , talk to the objects nearby you . By doing so , you would face many hurdles in the language . Your job is to search back to remove these hurdles and practice more and more . You could make it more easier by going through newspaper and other reading material in the language which you want to learn . Try to speak out while reading , same way you could go to watch videos , movies in this language . These things are going to make it extremely easy about you to learn a new language .


Feel Like An Expert

I’ve already discussed this method in my previous blogs as well . It is related to your subconscious mind . It’s like that whatever you want to be in your life , you just start feeling that you have already become so and keep feeling such for maximum time of a day . You must feel it genuinely . There are many books which talk about this functioning of our mind .

You could apply the same method here as well . If you want to be master on any new language , you must start feeling from very first day that you are knowing most of the thing about the language and it’s quite easy for you and you are near to being expert at this language . While thinking so and practice for the new language , you would learn and grab things much faster than normal . Your mind is ready to make you perfect in this language because you have repeatedly sent messages to your subconscious mind that you are expert at this language . Therefore , it’s the duty of your mind to follow this .


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