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How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation

In this hectic world , people crave to live a happy life but they don’t get it every time . People do so many things to make their life happy and peaceful . At certain stages of life , they get different ideas to live a happy life . Sometimes , they think that if they have billions of money , They would live a lavish and happy life . The other time , They feel if they hadn’t had money , they would live happy life . Sometimes , they dream to live in city to make their life happy . The other time , They dream to live in remote areas / villages to live a happy life .

Same way , people use social media and listen music to get answer that how to live a happy life . On the other hand , there are people that try to avoid these things to live a happy life . The conclusion is , If you want to live a happy life , you’ve to search peace somewhere inside of you . In other words , you should do something by doing which you get internal peace . You couldn’t find true happiness in materialistic things .

Desire for Motivational Life

Along with a happy life , people desire for a motivational life as well . If you are self motivated , You could achieve anything in your life . Self motivation is something which is a prime and common quality of every successful person of this planet . There are many ways to get self-motivation . There are many consultancy firms , motivational clubs , which give motivational classes / speeches , motivational content . But , the problem is that people get motivation or they feel motivation as long as they are in touch with these all things . When they move out from the motivational classes , they forget everything & again they start gaining stress .

So , better we learn any technique which could help us any time in our life . The motivation must come from our inside and it must be natural . We couldn’t force to get motivation . It must come willingfully and you must have the power to get self-motivation any time in the day . Here , we desire for two things . First is how to live a happy life and second to live a motivational life . Now , If I say that there is an outstanding method which would ensure the fulfilment of both motives . Which could ensure happy life along with the motivational life and the best part of this technique is that you’re going to get so many valuable things in your life along with happiness and motivation . You’re going to get true learning of life for the fulfilment of this technique . Straightaway , let’s we move on the technique .


What to do – How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation 

If I have to say this method in one sentence , I would say “To get knowledge and share it with every section of the society” . From this sentence you could make many ideas . There are two steps mentioned in this method . First , You’ve to get knowledge , by saying it i mean , to search and get the true knowledge about several things . It could be related to health , society , thought process or anything . Your main focus is to get true & original knowledge , no matter which source you are using . Whether you go to Internet or a library or somewhere else , but you must get the exact & pure information/knowledge what you are searching for .

Now , In second step you’ve to share this knowledge with different people of society . The knowledge , which is progressive for the world . So to get the true progress of society , you’ve to share it with as many people as you could . Try to convey your ideas to the last person of the society . It could be an Auto Driver , Rickshaw Driver , Roadside Hawker , A Teacher , Lawyer or any person who is from any section of the society . Those who aren’t well in education , or those educated who don’t know the part of info which you know , or who don’t have the knowledge of good health , good life . Now , do you wonder that how to live a happy life by gaining & sharing knowledge , find the answer after an example below .


For eg .

Let’s say you have knowledge of health tips . Once a day , You are eating sweet potato at roadside hawker . Here , you’ve to apply our second step . You got to start conversation with that hawker . You could choose any subject . Imagine , while talking , you get to know that he’s not living a healthy life & losing some of the necessary things of life as far as good health is concerned .

Your work starts here , you’ve to convey your health tips in such a way by which the person would understand it properly & get in the position to apply it . This is just an example guys , you could share knowledge to any person of the society . Just remember one thing that the person is ready to take knowledge . If you have knowledge of mobile phones , then you could make others aware about its radiation effect and what is the safest way to keep the mobile phone . Same way , You could make aware others about any topic of the world .


What did you gain

First of all , I want to mention that whatever you say must have something progressive for the society , for the world . You must ensure the fact that anything you share with others must link with the progress of society in some or the other way . Every time you share something with people & you are going to get immense happiness and self-motivation . Whenever you feel the fact that you’ve helped someone , which is for the betterment of society and without any greed . This moment , you feel extreme happiness & self motivation is going to follow you unconditionally . You are going to feel immense richness inside you . Now , It’s up to you that for how long you want to retain that richness & self-motivation . Again , If you feel declining self-motivation , start sharing something progressive with the needy one . This way , you get the answer that how to live a happy life along with motivation .



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