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Advantages of a Backbencher / How could a backbencher become more skilful than front row students –

We always persuade School going students to sit in front rows of the classroom or to avoid to sit at last & become backbenchers. We don’t wanna see our child to become backbencher because we feel it equivalent to unworthy of a student or poor in education. Today, I am here to tell you with my personal belief that it’s mere a myth of our society & a backbencher doesn’t mean to think/feel as a poor in study or a mischievous guy. In fact, I got up few advantages of being a backbencher. I strongly believe that a backbencher has immense opportunities to be more successful, more skilful, more stable compared to a front row student of a class room. Find out the advantages below & get self motivation being a backbencher.

Advantage 1
– Improve Concentration Power

Guys tell me, what if you have strong concentration power within you. I am sure you are gonna feel that you could win over any thing with a concentrated mind. What if you could easily concentrate/focus your mind in adversity. If you are a backbencher, you are having an open door to get the above power.

Imagine, you are in the last row of the classroom in an ongoing lecture. Compared to a front seated student, you’ve to focus more to understand the lecture which is delivering on to podium. You may feel difficulties to understand few words because distance matters there. Other factors like last row chit chat, students disturbance, etc. could play strongly to divert your mind from lecture. After all, if you try to focus hard to understand the lecture & completely understands that, you’ve achieved something great, outstanding thing in your life. Outstanding because if you are doing it continuously for 10-15 years (student life), you are gonna be strong enough to get focus quickly in any diverse situation of your life, in any area where you wanna focus.

Advantage 2
– Improve Listening Skills

Guys i guess you are aware about a phrase that a good listener could be a good speaker. Even I strongly believe that listening skills are very crucial to built a strong memory power. You must have the power to listen something clearly among noise & disturbance to become a good listener. A backbencher has immense opportunity to have this power, know it below :

Compared to a front seated guy, A backbencher has to struggle more to listen to lecture clearly as a backbencher faces more noise, more disturbing elements at last in the classroom. Being a backbencher, if you keep a habit to listen carefully & listen more & more of lectures, you are gonna become an excellent listener, which is gonna help you in certain ways for your life. Listening skills could make you more tolerable because when you are on listening job, you’ve to bear to listen even unwanted things, which is gonna develop tolerance power within you, which is another important attribute for human beings. Listening skills could make you a perfect thinker because when you listen something peacefully, all along your mind start to thinking about it, thinking process goes on with listening. Speaking of thinking, a good thinker could do good actions (karma).

I’ve written those benefits whatever strikes my mind. There are many more attributes which you could gain along with listening skills, you could think those yourself & keep motivating yourself being a backbencher.

Advantage 3
– Improve Speaking Skills

I’ve heard many times that present era of 21st century belongs to world’s influential speakers & these influential speakers are actually influential leaders of the world. Speaking skill alone could motivate us to long extant. In short, speaking skills could lead you to become tomorrow’s leader.

Now, being a backbencher you’ve this great opportunity to nurture your speaking skills to the highest. Compared to front seat guy, you’ve to be more loud & clear to convey your answer/message to the podium by crossing all students in the classroom. Normally, being a student, you are in practice of it (to answer, speak from last row) on a daily basis. So, if you take it serious & try to improve your tone & clarity, you are gonna be an excellent speaker tomorrow.

As we all know, practice makes a person perfect & if i say that you even don’t need to bother about practice because it’s a natural/routine process for a student. Every working day, you’ve to concentrate on the lecture, have to listen carefully, have to speak/answer. So, just be sure of little improvement everyday & reach there where you couldn’t even imagine to reaching on. At last, feel all motivation to sit in the last row of the classroom & enjoy/progress being a backbencher.


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