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Motivational Story of Mary Kom – Born to Beat Diversities

Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte was born in a poor family in Churachandpur district of Manipur, India. Her Parents were tenant farmers & Mary Kom used to help her parents by working in the fields. While in school, she used to play many sports like hockey, athletics & football. She got interest for boxing when she got inspired from a local boxer Dingko Singh, who won Gold Medal at the Asian Games, 1998. Mary Kom made her way to boxing, but the way wasn’t that easy. Her father wasn’t in favor of boxing. He used to worry that who will marry [...]

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Keep Yourself Motivated While Driving Car | Driving Motivation

Blog 70 Get Motivation While Driving Car According to WHO statistics , About 1.3 million people die on the world's roads and 20 - 50 million are injured every year . With the motive to minimise these numbers , We have come up with our blog to make driving safe and progressive . It is a fact that when you are on the road , there is no guarantee that you couldn't get hurt even if you drive safe , You could get hurt from other’s driving mistakes as well . So , You've to be full conscious while driving [...]

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Motivational Speech of Navjot Singh Sidhu | Airtel Achiever’s Club 2015

Excerpts of Speech of Navjot Singh Sidhu - A person is not with his birth, but his deeds. He is with his mentality. To change the universe one needs to change his thinking. A leader converts weakness into strength, obstacles into stepping stones and threats into opportunities. You need be a believer, to be a achiver. Fear causes negativity, but courage conquers the fear. Courage is the hallmark of a champion. The 15 years old Sachin Tendulkar continued to play with his injured bleeding nose and converted our defeat into triumph. He speaks less, but his bat screams. This is [...]

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Motivational Speech of Vladimir Putin

Epic Speech of Vladimir Putin Our motherland welcomes people of Crimea with open arms and considers them as it’s  daughters and sons. We respect their love for our country. We respect other countries, people and their interests but we also ask them to respect our interests. We love our country and there are not tens of thousands of people like us, we are tens of millions across all over country. But we want be more numerous, we want to grow more children in Russia. We want them to be healthy and well educated with decent work. We are not only [...]

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Sachin Tendulkar Speech on His Vision of Sports in India

Unable to speak in The Rajya Sabha due to Political Protest, Sachin Post his speech video on Internet. Main points are given below: 1: Sachin said that my father always supported me in playing cricket. The greatest gift got in my life is the freedom to play and i will always be greatful to him for that. There is no glory in practice but without practice there is no glory. 2: Vision of Sachin is healthy India as he says," Jab swasth h yuva tb desh me kuch hua" . (We get true progress as a country when our youth [...]

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How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation – Outstanding Way

Blog 63 How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation In this hectic world , people crave to live a happy life but they don't get it every time . People do so many things to make their life happy and peaceful . At certain stages of life , they get different ideas to live a happy life . Sometimes , they think that if they have billions of money , They would live a lavish and happy life . The other time , They feel if they hadn't had money , they would live happy life . Sometimes [...]

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Why are Childhood Memories so Strong

Blog 57 Importance of Childhood Memories in Life Everyone have some childhood memories. There are always positive and negative childhood memories in everyone’s life. We never know that in what situation, we remember which kind of childhood memory. Sometimes, we get to a place where we suddenly remember few childhood memories which are related to that place. Sometimes, we see someon that was a part of our childhood, so we again remember these childhood memories. Now, we think that why are childhood memories so strong or why are these memories important for our life. As I mentioned above that there [...]

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Get Motivation by Visiting Indian Heritage

Blog 52 Get Motivation by Visiting Indian Heritage Today's blog is quite exciting because it's all about heritage . Every country of this world has some sort of heritages/monuments . It includes Museums , War Memorials , Beautiful Architecture , Old Palace , Fort and so on . In this blog , we are going to talk about motivation by Visiting Indian Heritage . Although , you could also get motivation by visiting  heritage of any part of the world . Whenever you visit any heritage , you get to know about so many things , about history . You [...]

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Importance of Failure in Life

Blog 18 Importance of Failure in Life There may be hardly very few people in this world that don't want success or who want only failure in life. When I say success it doesn't mean only in a carrier, success could expect in non profitable things as well. Even when a person is in search of salvation he seeks success for it. Although by seeking salvation he is trying to go away from materialistic world. But still he seeks success in order to get salvation. If he would be able to live in salvation, it would be considered as his [...]

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A Thief Could Run The World !! – Motivation N You

Blog 17 Before I speak on a thief, i want to ask you something. Tell me guys who are the most important people in this world. You may pick several positions or departments in the world, which are the most important & respectful. Your answer may vary from each other. I could assume few of them, the most important people of the world could be a Prime Minister or a President or Chief Minister or a company head(businessman), a Karmayogi spiritual guru (in hindi कर्मयोगी),  those who are in senior most positions in several departments of government or semi government or private [...]

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3 Inspirations from Ravana

Blog 14 3 inspirations for a social evil from RAVANA Guys, think for a while that what do you get at the moment when you hear the name Ravana (In Hindi रावण Ravan). I'm sure that most of you are gonna get the picture of Ramayana (a Hindu epic) and most of you are gonna make an image of demons as far as Ravana is concerned. For those who are not aware with Ravana, I would suggest them to click on the word (Ravan which is highlighted) above and get a glimpse of it. You would see in many movies, [...]

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Get motivation while alone at home…with fine examples

Blog 11 How to get motivation while alone at home Examples include - Be an actor without coaching/training at home Be a writer with fun Many of you may believe or agree that only a negative thought is enough to distract us in life. When we have an empty mind, we have more chance of distraction of mind because we could be easily affected by more and more negative thoughts in this time and there is a universal phrase which is 'an empty mind is a devil's workshop'. So if you wanna live peacefully in your life you couldn't afford [...]

How Could an Object Motivate You

Blog 10 Guys, before starting this topic, i wanna add that imagination alone could motivate you largely & i am gonna write on this soon. Imagination has certain role in this topic as well. Could you imagine that an object could motivate us. If i say 'yes' then you would ask me how. Let me straight away jump on the answer. Effective/right use of an object could motivate us largely. This object could be any product or service of the world. Once you become an expert in imagining & feeling motivation from one object. You could find it easy to [...]

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