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What To Do in Summer Holidays 2019 | Students Motivation

Blog 75 Summer Holidays & Motivation Students are the future not only for their families and society but for the entire world . Students of today are going to shape the world tomorrow . Therefore , students always need extra teaching/activities/task other than school and study in order to get a perfect base of their lives . It is the duty of parents to make sure that their children get some additional motivation apart from studies . But when we look into the time schedule of students life , they are already packed with fixed task . Whether it's schooling [...]

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Become Selfish & Get Motivation | Selfish People are Good

Blog 68 Become Selfish & Get Motivation We consider selfishness as a negative attribute of a person . You may have seen a politician calling his opposition party / leader selfish . By saying selfish , they try to put the opposition leader in the negative light . In general , a man gets angry when he is called as a ‘Selfish person’ from others because we always take selfishness in the negative light . We see selfishness at many work places where one thinks that others are selfish people & doing something with self motive . Selfishness is one [...]

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How to Use Internet for Self Improvement – 3 Important Ways | Advantages of Internet

Blog 67 Advantages of Internet  In this fast life , we start using Internet from the moment we wake up for a day . Which goes through out the day till we hit the hay at night . It doesn't matter that which device we use Internet on but we get into such devices for surfing internet . Most of the time , We engage with few apps which are the most popular these days . Which are the prime connection to connect to our friends . The situation is something like , If we get away from such apps [...]

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How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation – Outstanding Way

Blog 63 How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation In this hectic world , people crave to live a happy life but they don't get it every time . People do so many things to make their life happy and peaceful . At certain stages of life , they get different ideas to live a happy life . Sometimes , they think that if they have billions of money , They would live a lavish and happy life . The other time , They feel if they hadn't had money , they would live happy life . Sometimes [...]

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White Hair at Young Age – Psychological Treatment

Blog 61 Everybody loves their natural hair , whether they are of black , brown or some other colour . But it is a nature rule that after a certain period of time or after certain changes in your body , your hair starts changing into white or grey . What if you start getting white hair at young age on your head . You couldn't expect white hair at this stage of your life but sometimes it comes even before young age , in child age as well . Although , there are societies in the world where they [...]

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My Observation to Feel Supreme

Blog 56 Many of you may be in the habit of observing things . A couple of days back , I observed something which I am going to share here . The observation is that whenever you get more knowledge for a particular subject , you feel supreme . Further if you add more knowledge about the same subject in your mind you feel more superiority . With this feeling of superiority , you feel more powerful & confident than earlier . You feel a sort of richness inside you , richness of thoughts . When your thoughts are rich [...]

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Be a VIP & Feel Motivation

Blog 48 I guess , no one in this world don't dream to become a VIP (Very Important Person ) one day . I mean to say at some point of life , everybody often thinks to be a VIP in any field . Whenever we see any billionaire or a popular celebrity somewhere or when we listen to them , when we read about them , for a moment , we think to be like them . We think to become rich like them , to become popular like them . We think to live their life but the [...]

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Your All Decisions Are Right

Blog 45 Most of us spend half of our life in regretting on our past decisions . When we don't get success after taking a particular decision , we start to blame the decision and ourselves that we took wrong decision that's why we didn't get success . Here , I say that none of your decisions is wrong . Each and every decision on your life is right . It's better you work more hard for your decision , which you made in past and be extremely confident about it . Still , there are many decisions which are [...]

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Blog for India – Respect your Language

Blog 42 This blog is focused on a large problem of a huge democracy of the world 'India' . India got independence in 1947 from British rule but there is one thing of Britishers which is still going on in India . Which is increased from time & the thing is English language . Britishers came to India , their language was English . So , they changed all government work language to English . It was not an Indian language. Earlier, India's native language was Sanskrit , which is also called mother language of all languages in the world [...]

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Inspire Yourself While in Body Pain

Blog 36 Get Inspiration While in Body Pain Almost everybody in this world have experienced one or other sort of body pain in their life. There are many kinds of body pain. Some are permanent, some are temporary. I’m talking about temporary body pain, when you get headache, stomachache, eyes, ears, arm, back & other parts of body pain or when you get dehydration, diarrhoea and so on. You could imagine the situation when you last got such a body pain. Try to feel it at the moment. It’s like whenever you get any sort of body paining, you just [...]

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What to do in Free Time

Blog 35 What To Do in Free Time Fortunately, everybody gets some time in their life which we call free time. The time when we don’t have any work to do or anything to think. I mean, when we are completely free from our mind and body. No matter how busy you are in your life, still you get few moments of free time. In all this time, you could relax or you could make it busy by involving yourself in any work mentally or physically. In general, we get several thoughts in our mind in our free time. You [...]

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1 sentence for instant transformation to self motivation (get your dream)

Blog 31 There are leaders in every field, there are legends in every work area. When you have interest in a particular area, most of the time you think of the legend of that area. You dream to become him, that one day you’ll be that skilful or famous as the legend of that field. It’s like if you want to become a scientist/inventor, few names are always in your mind like Newton, Einstein, Aryabhatta and so on. Same way, if you want to become a cricketer than you thinks of Sir Don Bradman or God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar [...]

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Get Inspirations from live events

Blog 28 Craze of live events is always there in our society & the trend of live events was there in our history. In earlier decades as well, people used to enjoy live events. However, complete format of live events was different to compare to today’s live events. Technology, culture, people get advance time to time so are the live events. Live events are not meant to only cities but they are having a strong presence in rural areas as well. You could see many cultural programmes of any particular rural area are being performed time to time in Rurel [...]

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How to become a successful youtuber (non technical)

Blog 25 Today YouTube isn’t an unknown name in the world. It may be possible that there is few/many regions in the world where there is no reach of YouTube or Internet. But, still YouTube is having a big customer base in the world. Every day, new people are connecting to Internet or to YouTube. So as earning money from YouTube is growing these days. So, a YouTuber is seeing a big market on YouTube. You could search for any video on YouTube. There maybe hardly any topic of which videos ain’t available on YouTube. Even many confidential/official videos are [...]

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Use Goosebumps for Motivation & Success

Blog 24 Guys tell me something today that when all you get goosebumps. I’m sure there could be many occasions, moments when you get goosebumps and the interesting thing is that we never sure about the time. You never know when you go through goosebumps. Sometimes, you get goosebumps when you are very excite, sometimes when you are very sad. There is no fixed time for goosebumps. When you try to get goosebumps, maybe you won’t get it that time. But when you don’t even remember about goosebumps, you may get at that moment. Now, there could be many moments [...]

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Make Your Delhi Metro Rail Ride Motivational & Worthy – Motivation N You

Blog 15 Get Self Motivation in Delhi Metro Rail - For Delhiites, Delhi Metro Rail of your city would be the day to day thing for you. Those who are away from Delhi, they must have travelled in Delhi Metro Rail at least once in their life, if they don't then they must have heard of or have an idea of Delhi Metro that how does it operate, what is its average speed & what all facilities Delhi Metro having. I guess Metro train is operating in the world, if anywhere there is no Metro Train, there must be other [...]

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Look up in the sky & make your destiny- Motivation N You

Blog 12   Look up in the sky & make your destiny   Many celebrities worldwide spend huge amount of money only to get peace of mind & peace in life. A peaceful mind could ensure your success & make destiny. Some go for personal yoga training, some go for personal spiritual guru, some go for personal dance studio & other go for premium vacation tour. One of their reason for doing this is to relax and feel good so to get more focus and be stress free on work. No wonder in doing something in order to get peace [...]

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Get motivation while alone at home…with fine examples

Blog 11 How to get motivation while alone at home Examples include - Be an actor without coaching/training at home Be a writer with fun Many of you may believe or agree that only a negative thought is enough to distract us in life. When we have an empty mind, we have more chance of distraction of mind because we could be easily affected by more and more negative thoughts in this time and there is a universal phrase which is 'an empty mind is a devil's workshop'. So if you wanna live peacefully in your life you couldn't afford [...]

How to get self motivation with legendary expressions

Blog 9 Get Self Motivation with legendary expressions  Guys i am sure that you must aware & remember of few expressions/postures of the legends of the world. It could be your favorite expression of your favorite legend/celebrity. It could be an expression of a footballer or a cricketer or a politician & so on. Now, could you imagine that these expressions could give you self motivation. It could build self confidence & give you self motivation to do best in your respective area of work. These expressions could be a large cause for stress buster in your life.   My [...]

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Advantages of a Backbencher

Blog 5  
 Advantages of a Backbencher / How could a backbencher become more skilful than front row students - We always persuade School going students to sit in front rows of the classroom or to avoid to sit at last & become backbenchers. We don't wanna see our child to become backbencher because we feel it equivalent to unworthy of a student or poor in education. Today, I am here to tell you with my personal belief that it's mere a myth of our society & a backbencher doesn't mean to think/feel as a poor in study or a [...]

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