How to Get Self Knowledge – Get Clear Thought Process

Blog 66 How to get Self Knowledge There are many instances in your life when you think that why you don't get the solution to many problems . Those problems which are very small but you don't get the perfect idea on the right time . Sometimes , at the time of taking right decision your mind goes blank . There are many moments in your life , when you think that your self knowledge is limited to some extent , not only knowledge your thinking level is limited to some extent . You are only able to think to [...]

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Activate your Spiritual Power of Mind with this Simple Habit

Blog 55 You may have heard few sayings or stories in your family or somewhere outside in your life . These are related to follow a task before & after Sleep . These sayings are like always keeping your mind cool before sleep . To do that , You could read something good or think something good , better option is to pray to God . Other sayings are like when you get up in the morning , If you pray to God or you think something good or say something good before doing anything . Your entire day is [...]

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How to deal with travel stress – Motivation N You

Blog 22 We've to travel at least sometimes through our life. Many people have to travel a lot sometimes willingly or unwillingly. On the other hand, many people are fond of travelling, they just love to travel. Many people don't like travelling at all but still they’ve to travel sometimes in their life, . They like or don't like their journey but they had to go through it sometimes in their life. For many people, travelling is like a passion and for others travelling is just a matter of fun and enjoy. For many of you, it could be a [...]

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Clear your mind

Blog 3  Clear your Mind - In this article, we are going to discuss about techniques, which are going to tell you to clear your mind to the wisdom. Once you clear your mind in a right way, your mind would give the results accordingly. Here we go..... 
 Try to feel Time/Present - To clear your mind, first of all you've to feel present means you've to be aware with your existing position. That where is you right now, what should do next & in what time span. You've to think here that what is going on in your [...]

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How to Control Mind

Blog 2 -  How to Control Mind - In order to use your mind for the righteousness, you've to control mind. For this, it is necessary that - *Your mind shouldn't control you, you should control your mind. * Your mind shouldn't drive you, you should drive your mind. * You shouldn't obey your mind, your mind should obey you. To attain the above targets, you could apply following easy & super ways for your routine in order to control mind.   Concentrate on whatever things - One of the best & easy way to control mind is to concentrate/focus [...]

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