Colonel Sanders Story | Motivational Story of Colonel Sanders

Colonel Harland Sanders, who was a successful American businessman and founder of famous KFC fast-food chain. After facing series of failures and rejections in his life, he proved it right that "The one who tries, never fails". Colonel Sanders was born in 1980, at a farm in Henryville, Indiana. He lost his father at very small age of 5 years. Death of his father left his family in financial trouble. His mother started working in factory which kept her away from home. Therefore, colonel took responsibility of his younger siblings and started cooking for them. At age of 7, he [...]

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Women Power & Inspiration | Inspirational Hub of this World

Blog 71 Women Power & Inspiration According to WHO publishing updated in November 2017 , about one in every three women have experienced either physical or sexual violence against her in their lifetime . Most of the time , the violence was done by intimate partner . This is actually an irony of the society that someone who is the strongest among all is facing such violence in the society . 'A Woman' that was made that strong by God , who bear extreme level of pain in her life , which a man couldn't even think of . All [...]

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Valentine Day for Singles – How to Make Valentine Day Special

Blog 58 We are into Valentine week 2018 . Valentine day is considered as the celebration of romance in many parts of the world . These days , valentine day is the most popular day to celebrate romance in many regions of the world . This day isn’t limited to only bachelor lovers but Valentine day is strongly celebrated among married couple as well . Lovers throughout the world wait for this day to celebrate their love . Even , people always try to find Valentine Day celebration ideas that I should say unique ideas of every new Valentine Day [...]

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Get Motivation by Visiting Indian Heritage

Blog 52 Get Motivation by Visiting Indian Heritage Today's blog is quite exciting because it's all about heritage . Every country of this world has some sort of heritages/monuments . It includes Museums , War Memorials , Beautiful Architecture , Old Palace , Fort and so on . In this blog , we are going to talk about motivation by Visiting Indian Heritage . Although , you could also get motivation by visiting  heritage of any part of the world . Whenever you visit any heritage , you get to know about so many things , about history . You [...]

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Manushi Chhillar is Miss World 2017

Miss world 2017 winners are announced and Manushi Chhillar from India got the Crown. India got this proud moment after 17 years. Before this Priyanka Chopra (now famous actress) won Miss World contest in 2000. The 67th edition of the miss world pageant was held on 18th November 2017 at the Sanya, China. 118 contestants from all over the world took part in this event. Manushi Chhillar from India won the contest while Andrea Meza from Mexico and Stephanie Hill from England were the first and second runner-up’s respectively. Although, there were few challenge events in this contest. Aletxa Mueses [...]

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Make Your Friends Worthy for You

Blog 34 We make many friends with our entire life. You make new friends with many stages while growing up. Everybody makes few friends in childhood, then in school, then in high School/university/college. After that we make friends in our professional life. As far as our childhood friends or school friends are concerned, when some of them remain friends till we go in our professional life they become more than just friends or friends forever. These days, when privacy is taking over social life. We are becoming introvert somewhere & give more time for social media than hanging out with [...]

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Get Inspirations from live events

Blog 28 Craze of live events is always there in our society & the trend of live events was there in our history. In earlier decades as well, people used to enjoy live events. However, complete format of live events was different to compare to today’s live events. Technology, culture, people get advance time to time so are the live events. Live events are not meant to only cities but they are having a strong presence in rural areas as well. You could see many cultural programmes of any particular rural area are being performed time to time in Rurel [...]

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Get inspirations from rich places 2017

Blog 23 In every country, in every city there are few places where rich products or services are available. Millions of people come across those places every day. Many of them could afford the product and services available there & many couldn't afford. There are many places of this sort like a mall, museum, supermarkets, showrooms, premium colleges/universities, airports n so on. The list is long as so many places could come under rich places category. There is another reason as well, behind to call these places as rich places. I've experienced it many times in my life that whenever [...]

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Inspirations by experiencing airplane – Motivation N You

Blog 21 Many of you must've experienced airplane in your life at least once. Some of you may fly for business, some of you for personal/family meetings, some of you maybe for other urgency & needful trip & others maybe for fun & enjoy. Now we could take few learnings from a ride of an aeroplane. These learnings could help us to know about life better. We could link airplane learnings with our life. Let we now take on our learnings one by one. Precautions/safety measures  We all are aware that we've to take so many precautions before flying in [...]

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A Thief Could Run The World !! – Motivation N You

Blog 17 Before I speak on a thief, i want to ask you something. Tell me guys who are the most important people in this world. You may pick several positions or departments in the world, which are the most important & respectful. Your answer may vary from each other. I could assume few of them, the most important people of the world could be a Prime Minister or a President or Chief Minister or a company head(businessman), a Karmayogi spiritual guru (in hindi कर्मयोगी),  those who are in senior most positions in several departments of government or semi government or private [...]

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3 Inspirations from Ravana

Blog 14 3 inspirations for a social evil from RAVANA Guys, think for a while that what do you get at the moment when you hear the name Ravana (In Hindi रावण Ravan). I'm sure that most of you are gonna get the picture of Ramayana (a Hindu epic) and most of you are gonna make an image of demons as far as Ravana is concerned. For those who are not aware with Ravana, I would suggest them to click on the word (Ravan which is highlighted) above and get a glimpse of it. You would see in many movies, [...]

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