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Success Mantra 2 – Don’t waste your energy in unnecessary things

Sometimes we make a goal for something but we end up doing something else, which is no where related to our goal. It could be a goal for a day, a month, an year or for entire life. You must agree that this happens to us. I believe that this is the prime cause for many failures of people (in career/personal life). Did you ever think guys that why does this happens to us. The fact is that we ourselves are responsible for this & sometimes we are aware of this & sometimes aren’t. This is our Success Mantra 2, to go through our first success mantra, you could refer the following link –

The Problem –

Actually problem lies in our karma (action). Let me make it more clear with an example.
 Imagine, you are fond of writing & you are writing something with all your concentration. You are having an hour for writing. All of a sudden, you get a whatsapp message & you check it. There is something interesting written over there & a link with. You click on the link & find yourself on other website. You find lots of interesting stuff out of the website. So, you are there for sometime. At last, when you remember your writing work, an hour gone already. It wasn’t anything wrong with whatsapp, it was you who did mistake by spent your energy in unnecessary/unimportant thing & paid for your writing.

There are things which attract your attention easily or we could say which distract you easily like social media, TV, our thoughts (keep thinking, long thinking habit of unusual things) & so on. I ain’t against these factors but I advocate to use social media & TV in the way they should be used. Use these to construct you, don’t give any room to distract you. Same applies to your thoughts. Your thoughts must be in your control. Don’t think when it’s time to act. Everybody knows it very well that when to act, when to think, when to use social media because it all comes from our consciousness. Still, thanks to our free & lazy feelings that we don’t bother to break this discipline for good.


For eg. –

If you are gonna give attention to your day to day activities/tasks, you are gonna find that you distract many times a day & that’s the reason you remain deprived from the success of your part despite having talent/skills of many sort. Sometimes, we feel like drink water but we delay this simply because we are busy with video game or mobile. We don’t bother to think a while that where should our energy was spending. Whether a glass of water is more important than other stuff.

Then, the other day you get ill & your doctor makes ‘lack of water’ responsible for your illness. Same way, when you need to sleep you spends your energy over mobile, tv or others, when you need to exercise you spend your energy somewhere else, when you need to work for your dream project you spend energy somewhere else & get fail & you make your luck responsible for not getting success. Your luck is the product of your thoughts and action. When you need to work in continuity to ensure your success, you break it with distraction by spending your energy somewhere else.

The Solution –

The solution to thirst is water, for sadness is happiness, for crime is charity, same way solution for waste your energy is to use energy, use it in necessary tasks/jobs of your life & here this is our Success Mantra. Now, you’ve to use your mind to know the necessary tasks of your life. I am sure you are gonna get the right answer from your mind (Consciousness) once you try to get it with closed eyes or in drowsy state.

Now once you are aware with this success mantra or you know what to do at what point of time, you must make it a point to use your energy to complete those tasks first. Actually, you are working with a discipline 
now. You are having check list/time table for everyday. Now, when your necessary tasks are completed for a day, here you could think about other task for your comfort. I could observe this as a perfect way to ensure your success.

For eg. Imagine it’s your time to go through novel according to your time table then, you couldn’t waste your energy in watching cricket match or anything else. Same way, if you’ve decided to exercise for an hour, you couldn’t give this time for something else.
When you use your energy in other than decided task, it becomes wasted energy. It’s not only a matter of your life but also your society or state, because your life/actions has impact on the society in a way or other. So, keep motivating yourself by using your energy rightly.


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