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Today YouTube isn’t an unknown name in the world. It may be possible that there is few/many regions in the world where there is no reach of YouTube or Internet. But, still YouTube is having a big customer base in the world. Every day, new people are connecting to Internet or to YouTube. So as earning money from YouTube is growing these days. So, a YouTuber is seeing a big market on YouTube. You could search for any video on YouTube. There maybe hardly any topic of which videos ain’t available on YouTube.

Even many confidential/official videos are available on YouTube. You could see celebrities videos which are not generally found on other platforms like TV. You could find many discussions on YouTube and other exclusive videos on YouTube. So this way, it has become more popular with the world today. I’m going to share few techniques which are non-technical to make you a successful YouTuber. You could find many blogs and videos on Internet which tells you about the technical part. Which is going to help you to make your videos in the way it should be made. You could learn how to publish those videos with suitable title, tags and so on. You could find this stuff easily on Internet. I’m gonna discuss the motivational part which is going to help you to become a YouTuber.

YouTuber & Success



Sometimes when a new YouTuber starts his channel on YouTube. After doing all the necessary things to promote the channel videos on YouTube. Still he doesn’t get any response out of it, which results in no earning. Every time you try but all in vain and you get failure all the time. It makes you so stressed that after a while you decide to dismiss the channel & to step back from YouTube. Sometimes when you decide to step back from any project/work, success is waiting for you on the very next step. But you already quit the show and you take your failure negative. Actually your failure is your success, you could know it more from my another blog. Which is success is far easier than failure.

So I recommend here to be patient as long as you could. It must be in your habit because every day if you engage in something, you learn something new. However, you don’t make any earning but still you are getting something which is more valuable than earning. You never know, the hard work you are doing today could give you result after one year or five years or 10 years or even far earlier and the impact could be far better than today. It’s like more you wait, more you earn because your hard work never goes in vain.

Don’t loose touch

Another factor for a successful YouTuber is to be in touch with your work everyday. It doesn’t matter that how much time you give but it matters that you give it on regular basis. It must be followed at any cost. Just make your schedule that you are able to give half an hour or 8 hours a day and follow that every day. You couldn’t miss your work even for a single day.

Imagine you’ve decided to give half an hour every day for your YouTube videos. But one day you are engaged somewhere else and find it hard to give time for YouTube. In such circumstances just try to give at least two or five minutes. You could do anything related to YouTube in this short spans of time. But just give some time every day, i guess it’s not a difficult task for anyone. It looks like an ordinary thing but when you follow it, it’s gonna change things like magic because you never know when small drops of water are going to fill the pot. You could know it more on below link.

Outstanding Success Mantra


Feel/act like a successful YouTuber

I consider this as a prime factor of this blog and for our purpose in order to be successful YouTuber. Guys, those who are familiar with the functioning of conscious and subconscious mind would agree that whatever thoughts we give to subconscious mind it takes it in its pure form. I mean to say what you think all day long you become that for sure. It’s like you feel rich you become rich, you feel poor you become poor. Same way, you feel a successful YouTuber you become a successful YouTuber. I’ve applied this on myself and got great results and it’s completely logical.

I don’t say that you only think and you become someone else overnight, it’s never like that. But when you think something continuously and many times a day, your body parts and your mind start work for it to achieve it. Your brain and body parts are gonna act in the order to achieve desired thing through repeated reminders. This logic of subconscious mind is also available in holy books. To know more about the functioning with fine examples you could refer a book THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND by Dr. Joseph Murphy

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Concluding Part

We generally don’t talk about these factors but these factors play a crucial role not only to become a YouTuber but in other professions as well. Only need is to know the functioning of you & the world and make certain changes which are required. One more thing guys, today many people are making it to YouTube. They are making their name & fame in the world through YouTube. Many of them are quite impressive with their work. So, better you decide & make it clear in advance that what is you gonna give to the society/world through your YouTube videos. You must make sure that it is worthy for the world. it’s like you give good you get good because everything we give returns back to us in some or the other way. Best of luck for all successful YouTubers.



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