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How to win over the fear of failure / future

Once a day I was thinking that why do people get suicide, I looked around, went through suicide cases of newspaper/articles, talked to people & finally arrived on a conclusion that in almost all suicide cases primary cause is the fear of failure , it could be fear of getting into top business school/college, fear of getting desirable jobs, fear of happy married life/ relationship, fear of getting good marks/grades & so on. When you don’t get any of the desired thing in your life. You get into immense stress of mind & go for the hard step to quit your life. 


Fear of Failure –

Suppose you’ve worked hard to get good grades in school but somehow you get lower grades than expected. At the minute you get stress with a bundle of negative thoughts. Here, fear of failure comes in, when you start thinking that you won’t get good college/university after this or you forget about a dream career or your parents are gonna kill you or your rival mate has got more marks than you, which is gonna put you down somewhere or your life is finished now, there is nothing for you in this world. In a way, you ruined your future yourself by bringing stress on mind. You stick to false negative thoughts because you never know what is gonna be next in future.

Fear of failure could be responsible for thousands of your problems of life which you never know. It ruins your present because you are engaged in fear of failure / future at present. You forget efficiency in your current / present task when you engaged with future because your mind is divided into two things. When there is no control over present, there is going to be mess in your life. 

Few examples-

– Sometimes when you get ready for a wedding function, you have fear of failure / future to look good at other guests & you put extra make up & spoil your natural beauty as well.

- Minutes before presentation you get fear of failure / future & end up presenting something miserable.

– Sometimes you spend money in something in the influence of fear of failure / future, later on, you find that unworthy.

The Solution –

Shifting of mind from a thought to another thought is the perfect solution to get rid of fear of failure / future. You could do this once you accept the fact that nobody knows what the future holds. If you believe in this phrase, you’ve won over fear of failure / future already. You’ve to make it a point that future is uncertain & any thing could happen at any point of time. You may agree that sometimes you plan something for future but future presents you all opposite to this. 

First of all, your belief on the above phrase must be strong. As whenever you get fear of failure / future, you remember it at the moment. Your feelings at the minute must include something positive for future. Like when you feel fear of future, you must feel that ‘whatever is gonna happen, is good & positive for you, which is gonna give you something great’. You could even verbally speak out the above sentence to make you feel more strong.


I ain’t wrong if i say that our failure is more powerful than our victories because one may be easily distract after a huge win but a failure always make us more focus & alert


 The Experiment –

Actually, this is a fact that whatever comes to us, whatever happens to us (good or bad) is necessary & important thing for our life even you could realize it later. Let me give you a task to test the above statement. Whenever you get any fear feeling, which indicates something bad for future, let it happen naturally & note down the incident with date & time. Now, after a certain period of time (it could be a day, a month, a year, 10 years or so on) when you would look back & remember the incident from that notebook, you would feel all happiness over it because you would’ve achieved something great having that incident as a part of it. You would say like without that incident you wouldn’t have achieved something special in your life. 


Concluding Part –

So, now we could tackle any of the fearsome moment of our life by practicing the above tips. There could be many more tips guys, which you could identify & use in your life. 
Now onwards, if you get lower marks than expected, instead of getting stress on mind start feeling all positive of the world that life has something better for you than a topper. You could even think of world personalities that made it big despite lower grades in school. But don’t think this at the time of study, i never indicated to study less, don’t misunderstood the concept guys. My motive is to make you stress buster yourself. You could apply same method to other stresses as well. 


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