Music , Songs & Motivation

Blog 90 World has many cultures and customs , every culture has its own kind of music sense . Language and the accent on language change after every few kilometres , so as our music & it's style . But there is an interesting fact about music that we may not understand the song of other languages or of other cultures but if we listen it deeply , We are going to understand the emotions behind the song . After listening to it for just one or two times , We are surely gonna feel that which kind of theme [...]

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How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation – Outstanding Way

Blog 63 How to Live a Happy Life Along with Motivation In this hectic world , people crave to live a happy life but they don't get it every time . People do so many things to make their life happy and peaceful . At certain stages of life , they get different ideas to live a happy life . Sometimes , they think that if they have billions of money , They would live a lavish and happy life . The other time , They feel if they hadn't had money , they would live happy life . Sometimes [...]

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Enjoy All Seasons & Feel Peace

Blog 54   There are so many seasons in a year . Every country in this world is not that fortunate to experience all seasons . Few countries are having only one season in the year . Whereas few are having only 2 or 3 & so on . Every season has its own importance and quality . God has made seasons in order to balance this world . The time period of a particular season changes from state to state . It doesn't matter that which season stays for what time for a particular place , it is always [...]

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New Year 2018 Super 3 Resolutions

Blog 53 We are all set to enter into New Year 2018 . We have to say goodbye to 2017 . There were so many ups & downs in everybody & every corporate life in previous year . Life is same as two sides of coin . We have to go through ups & downs certainly in order to live life . When it comes to a New Year , many start thinking of few magical resolutions , which could change their life in the coming year . Everybody looks so excited while thinking of their resolutions for New Year [...]

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Super Easy & Creative Way to Feel Refreshed

Blog 51 The time when you have so many thoughts in your mind and you are unable to handle all the thoughts in a time , it becomes a stress on you . This is called a stress situation . When you have empty mind , there is no thought and you have all new brains . You could start with new thought of mind , which is worthy for you . Such situation is called refreshing situation for you . In this blog , i'm going to talk about super easy and creative way to feel refresh and that [...]

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Completion of 50 Blogs – Journey So far…

I published my first blog on fifth of July this year . It's not very long time but I enjoyed every bit of it . I tried to put the ideas in the way they worked in my life . I work to make my blogs extremely easy in order to easily understood by readers in this world . Most of the blogs came from my experience/situations . Eg. Couple of months back , I flew for a short trip with my friends . I observed something on airport & inside aeroplane . So , i expressed something on airports [...]

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Have a Walk Through Such Beautiful Place for Ultimate Peace

Blog 50 Walk Through Such Beautiful Place for Ultimate Peace In our 50th blog , I'm going to talk about peace and harmony of life . I am going to share quite easy and simple way to get ultimate peace of life . The best part of this way is that you could do this in any part of the world . I am going to talk about a certain sort of place which is available throughout the world . In some countries , such places are available in more than 40% of the total area of the country . [...]

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Blood is Thicker Than Water !

Blog 49 I could see two side with a family . One side is when all family members get together for a cause & show unity to fight something . Other side is when these family members fight each other at some circumstances of their life . I am talking about serious arguments . Sometimes , such fights become extremely dangerous , as a result of which we get to know through next day newspaper that blood killed blood . There are many cases of the world everyday , when a family member harms another family member . The reason [...]

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Don’t take yourself so serious all the time

Blog 38 There are many cases all around the world, where, there is quarrel/fight between two parties/persons and the root cause is 'exchange of dialogues' between them, which they take too serious. Sometimes, their fights go to extreme level that even they attempt to kill each other & become killers. When we look back on such cases, we would wonder that the root cause was mere few unexpected dialogue deliveries of them. Even if, you were into such conflict in your life & now when you think about it. You would feel regret & sorry for you that you were [...]

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Stress buster – Charisma of old Friends

Blog 37 This blog is gonna prove again that why old friends are special & what is their charisma. I’m sure that what I am gonna share with this blog is a common thing among friends, among good friends. We have friends and some of us are having many friends in our life. With time we make new friends because we step into another environment, new people, new places time to time. You spend your childhood at a certain place. You make friends there, then you start schooling, you make new friends there. After that, you go to college, I mean [...]

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How to make life happy

Blog 32 As far as our life is concerned, we are totally surrounded by Machines. You go to any part of the world. You are gonna find that use of Machine Intelligence (MI) is increasing day by day. The work which needs human efforts is going down so are the problems are growing up in a way. You see, in every sector of life machines are taking over human efforts. Be it kitchen there is use of technology, there is use of machines for body exercise, there is use of machines for work, there is use of machines for taking [...]

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magic of sleep – sleep could construct & destruct you

Blog 29 Everybody has to take sufficient sleep according to their physical and mental condition and according to age as well. Sleep is one of the human need like food and breathe. It is one of the few things which we all have to take and in limits irrespective of our financial conditions. If a person is rich it doesn’t mean that he could take few hours less or more sleep under the influence of richness. We couldn’t force any influence on it. In general, health experts recommend 6 to 8 hours sleep a day and it differs age wise. [...]

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How to make travelling easier (No boredom & gain knowledge)

Blog 27 You must have heard from people that return from travel and saying that i exhausted & tired of my travelling. Many often says that my travelling was plain boring & i didn’t enjoy it. Some would say that I got ill in my travelling. I know guys, these are the few common feelings of travellers. At the same time I would say that many people are aware of boredom and tiredness of travelling. So, they carry few things along with them to enjoy themselves while travelling. In this digital era, many travellers plan in advance that which movies/telecast [...]

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No happiness at airports! Motivation N You

Blog 20 In this blog I'm not gonna give you any direct learning. I am gonna share my experience, which i had recently. After this blog you yourself think out different points of your understanding, it could be positive or negative. The only thing which I could say in the form of my analysis of the blog is that happiness isn't sure with richness/money. If you are seeking money for the sake of happiness, i am sorry but you have to search for another ways in order to get happiness in life. Guys, recently i visited a few airports. One [...]

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