I published my first blog on fifth of July this year . It’s not very long time but I enjoyed every bit of it . I tried to put the ideas in the way they worked in my life . I work to make my blogs extremely easy in order to easily understood by readers in this world . Most of the blogs came from my experience/situations . Eg. Couple of months back , I flew for a short trip with my friends . I observed something on airport & inside aeroplane . So , i expressed something on airports , the plane in my Blogs . I made separate blogs on this . You could find it here (1. No happiness at airports!  2. Inspirations by experiencing airplane) . Where ever i go , whatever i observe , i just put it in the same way through my blogs .

Idea generation of Motivation N You

Guys, I never thought to become a blogger in my life . Someone has rightly said that you never know what life has planned for you . Couple of months back , the time i used to think a lot about self motivation & how could we overcome stress because i had seen the destruction of depression in the life of some of my acquaintances . So , i got few free ideas , which worked in my life in order to control Mind & remove stress . Which were extremely effective in order to bring peace of mind and give immense self-motivation . I used to share my ideas with my acquaintances as well .

But still , sometimes I used to feel that I must share these ideas with the world because the problem which i see in my society must be faced by many other throughout the world . If they would get my ideas , it may help them in their life . As a result , I decided to just make a rough note of my free ideas . The 1st blog i wrote down was how to control mind , which was published later and which is blog no. 2 . At that time I didn’t have any web site as such . So, I published this blog on a popular free blogging website on Internet . But Sooner , I realised that I must have separate identity for these blogs with a certain format , theme and all . Then , I decided to start a separate website & booked a domain named ‘motivationnyou.com’ .


Motive behind Motivation N You

You go at any public place , you are going to see most of the dull faces irrespective of the financial or personal health . People always look tense , they have lost smile on their faces . We are either in past or in future . Very few of us have the art to live in present . We consider small issues big because we don’t use our self power to beat problems of our life . These small issues become big problems of our mind and the result is worst many times . When you have divorce , you go into deep depression . If you have less marks , you get into depression and it’s extremely unfortunate for our society that our students suicide over minor issues .

According to WHO Report , close to 8 lakhs (8,00,000) people suicide every year throughout the globe . Which is one suicide in every 40 second . We must know the spiritual way of dealing with such situations . We could read books , novels to get rid of such situations . I do my part by sharing few creative ideas which work in my life . I hope that it works in other’s life as well . Sometimes , when I get something from our roots (From Texts, Scriptures) , I try to share it through my blogs . I wanna see the above statistics to go down as minimum as possible . I get more motivation to write more whenever I get positive comments . It makes me feel that my writing is on the right track .

Miles to go

It’s only a half-century so far . I’m looking for making many centuries with not out . I don’t see any end to my Blogs because there is no end to thoughts/ideas . Journey so far is a bit of struggle because I had to learn & apply few technical parts of the website and its designing process alongwith writing as i have designed everything myself so far . I see more comfortable & smooth work from here . With all regards , I want to thank each and every reader/visitor of this website , who ever visited even for a single time or those who have not visited yet . I guess , A thought could construct or destruct a human being . So , i always try to put something on the table which is more of constructive & worthy overall .

See You Guys , keep Reading & Sharing your views .