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Get Motivational Feel While Flying in an Airplane

Many of you must’ve experienced airplane in your life at least once. Some of you may fly for business, some of you for personal/family meetings, some of you maybe for other urgency & needful trip & others maybe for fun & enjoy. Now we could take few learnings from a ride of an airplane flight. These learnings could help us to live life better. We could link airplane flight learnings with our life. Let we now take on our learnings one by one.


Precautions / Safety Measures

We all are aware that we’ve to take so many precautions before flying in an Airplane flight. You’ve to sit down firmly while taking off & landing. Same way, you’ve to wear your seat belt. Sometimes you’ve to take precautions to get rid of unblocking ears due to air pressure in the sky. You’ve to take some precautions related to food and drinks. While flying you couldn’t eat and drink anything. It’s up to you that what is the requirements of your body in the air, it could be water or anything else and of course you’ve to put your devices on flying mode.

Same way, when you dream for success in your life. You’ve to know your precautions / safety measures in order to get success in the way it is meant to get. Firstly, you’ve to make yourself extremely strong emotionally, physically & intellectually so you could handle yourself after getting success or I could say that you become ready for success. There are many examples of history where people worked hard & got huge success. At a time everybody was appreciating them but after a while they were facing huge downfall in their life. The reason was – they were unable to handle their success, actually they weren’t ready for the success.

For Example –

In a class, two students scored equal marks and both of them topped the class. Now, student A is very humble with his success. He doesn’t forget to give credit for his success to his seniors, teachers and parents. He humbly accepts the praise of others to him and never praise himself. On the other hand, student B is so involved in his success that he forgets to give credit to anyone else than himself. He seems too proud while accepting other’s appreciations for him. This is just an example guys, what I mean to say is that you yourself identify which is the best way to express yourself after getting success. You’ve to be fully ready to get success. It’s not about only success, you’ve to be ready for taking precautions in every aspect of your life.


Everyone Have to Come Down After Every Airplane Flight

I found this learning as the most relevant learning of today’s world. We could see that every day people get success in several fields of life. They get success, make their name & fame, bring glory to their families & to their city and so on. But in many cases we could see that after getting success a person becomes someone else. He starts to lose his identity, he starts to lose his values, ethics. Sometimes, he tries to show off as someone bigger than what he is now. He forgets his near and dear ones.

To get rid of such habit, we could get a big learning from an airplane flight. Every time we take off in an airplane, we’ve to come down in few minutes or in few hours or in few days. We couldn’t be in the sky for long time unless you are an astronaut. Even they’ve to come down to earth after a certain period of time.

Same way, in real life everybody has to come down. Today or tomorrow you are gonna be in need of your people, who are connected to their roots. You could see many celebrities, big names of your country or of the world that in so many years after getting huge success, they are still connected to their values, ethics, common man in a way or the other. So, just remember one thing that today you are taking off for your success, tomorrow you’ve to land for more success. So, be humble & cool throughout your journey of life.


Ready For Worst

If I ask you that which is the most risky transport mode. I guess most of you would say that it is an airplane ride because after all you are in the sky. Imagine, unfortunately if you are into trouble in the sky, there are less chances of being safe in comparison of other modes of transport, be it railways, be it a bus service or water services.

I guess, many of you have a feeling at least once while in the sky that what if this airplane is going to be in an emergency situation. How would i get escape. I agree that with modernisation in the air services, there are quite good majors available as far as an airplane is concerned but still the risk factor is always there. So, in a way, we could say that if you step into an airplane, you are ready for worst in your life.

Now on the other side, in our real life if we always ready for worst we are going to be more near to our success. I found ‘fear’ is the main factor which stops us to get success in our life. Now, after getting learning from airplane flight, if you always ready for worst in your life. The fear factor is going to be fly away from your life. You couldn’t find any fear factor after that because you are ready for the worst. It means you won’t hesitate to take risk in your life, to take big decisions in your life. There are so many big names in the history when they took a big decision & it changed their life. Therefore, everybody must have the courage to take that one big decision in order to reach there where you deserve to reach.


Concluding Part

You could get many other inspirations / learnings from an airplane flight. Just be sure that whenever you are going to ride in an airplane, in the middle of your ride in the sky, try to look down towards earth. Sometimes, you may not be able to see the earth view clearly because of height. Still, whatever view you get, just try to store that picture in your mind and close your eyes for a while. After that keep breathing & try to think whatever comes in your mind. I am sure you are going to get important learnings of your life from that moment, just be humble and be happy.


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