Make Your Friends Worthy For You

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We make many friends with our entire life. You make your friends with many stages while growing up. In general, we make few friends in childhood, then in school, then in high School/university/college. After that we make friends in our professional life. As far as our childhood friends or school friends are concerned, when some of them remain friends till we go in our professional life they become more than just friends or friends forever.

These days, when privacy is taking over social life. We are becoming introvert somewhere & give more time to social media than hanging out with our friends. But still, sometimes we think about our friends, we concern of their whereabouts. Instead of talking to him directly, you choose another method which is quite popular these days. You get an idea to not disturbing your friends and get whereabouts of them through social media. We go on Facebook, Instagram & check their profile & get to know where is he leaving and what is he doing. I’m not saying that it happens to everybody but the trend is there in our society.


Here we go…

Our topic/blog starts from here. Imagine, you find through social media that your friend is not having as good position/reputation as you’re having in your life, you may feel bad for your friend for a moment. But if you get to know that your friend has reached far above than you. You feel more worse instead of feeling worthiness of friends, it’s a human tendency. Again I wanna say that it’s not about everybody but there are many that feel like this.

You lost in your friend’s profile and desire to know more about him. You go to his photo gallery and somewhere you feel jealous that you both did school together but your friend is more successful than you. After that, you start comparing yourself with your friend by ignoring the interest area of both of you in your respective lives. You forget about your being for a while and want more to know about your friend without letting your friend know about this. 

For Example –

Imagine, you are doing a part time job or searching for a job or business. Your earning isn’t that good. But, your friend cleared exam for government job and fetched officer level position. You get to know about this through social media. Now, somewhere in your mind you get a thought that why aren’t you on this position. For a moment, you forget that you were never interested for Government Jobs and you never prepared for those exams. You forget your interest areas as well. You discard yourself by letting negative thoughts come inside your mind. Even, you lost your worthiness for sometime. You get to imaginary negative thoughts at the time of doing actions for your life, for your destination. This way, you also go away from the feeling of friends forever for your friend.


Make friends worthy !

Here, the question is how to deal with such situation and what to do in order to make these friends worthy for you & we call it friends with benefits. What to do, by doing which you feel good & get inspiration for your life. The answer is very simple and you know it very well. By mentioning this answer, i desire you to apply this in your life. What all you have to do is to discover your interest area & follow your karma, you’ve to concentrate on yourself, your interest area, your dream of life, destination of life. When you think like this, you get your answer to deal with such situation.

You would feel that your friend has achieved what he deserved to achieve. He worked hard, ignored thousands things to fetch that officer level job. Now it’s your turn, take inspiration from your friend’s life that how to be focused in your life. No one is going to  come and tell you how to focus in your life. You’ve to discover it yourself through your creativity. You just have to get self-motivation and make a strong decision that you are going to get that position/work/achievement in your life which you deserve.


Ending Note

If your concentration would be perfect, you would get the roadmap in your mind in order to achieve your dreams. I mean to say that you would think about that skill or talent related to your dream which you take many times a day. You would get idea that in which way you’ve to work hard & be like your friend. I believe, after this you wouldn’t go for your friend’s photo gallery and all. Instead, you would act for your life, you would get back to your work and work for your dream.

At the end, I would love to add that don’t forget to congratulate your friend for his achievement. It would be a signature in the journey of friends forever. I’m sure you are going to feel proud of yourself that you are having a friend working on top position in the government. Truly, this is called friends with worthiness.

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