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Many times in our life , we do mistake . We get into a wrongdoing , sometimes intentionally or unintentionally . Many people don’t take such things serious about their life and move forward and leave the past as it is . Many people tries to learn something from the past incidents and then focus on the present . They commit to make their future bright by not repeating the same mistake / wrongdoing in the future which they did in past . These both cases are perfect because ultimately you are moving forward in your life .

But , It becomes a serious problem when you take the past mistake or a wrongdoing extreme serious and stuck in the past unnecessarily . When you keep thinking about the negative past again and again , You get mind stress naturally . When it keeps going on , It becomes a terrible depression . It is not only dangerous for you but for society as well . When you are in such situation , you engage yourself in past , You spoil your present along with future . When there is no present there is no future . You did something wrong in past that’s okay but you are doing further more wrong than earlier by thinking about a small negative thing again and again and stop your life .

Psychological Connection

There are few psychological disorders in which a person does something wrong and get into stress like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) . The extreme level of this problem is that the person gets into depression and think about suicide because he was unable to come out from a small incident of his past . If you see the cause (past wrongdoing ) from outside , It looks extremely small and a tiny part of life . But , that person make it very big and take it extremely serious . Which becomes a cause of serious illness .

In this blog , We are going to talk about such behaviour of a person and how to take on it and get out of the situation immediately and start feeling self-motivation and self confidence . So as we say , don’t regret & let you down after a wrongdoing in your life . Instead , You have to do something else , which we are going to discuss later in this blog .


For Eg.

In most of the cases , You take any wrong doing serious when you are too serious about yourself . Imagine , you’ve certain dreams for you and you work for that every day . But , once a day you break your routine by doing something wrong or unnecessary thing . This way , you wasted your time , Let’s say 3 hrs . of your quality time . Which you supposed to give for your dream .

Now , after that wastage of time , you start worrying about those 3 hours which were gone . You think it again and again and regret again and again . But , now it’s not in your control . Past is gone , You couldn’t change it , better you forget it . Now , what could be the best thing that we could do to get rid of such situation and escape ourself to going into such depression and add something good for society through our karmas (Actions ) . Let’s know the secret .


What To Do

The solution to the above problem is quite simple to listen . I consider it simple because you’ve heard it many times in your life . The things which you’ve heard many times in your life look simple but as I always say simple things are the most difficult to follow . So , better we take it serious & try to implement it in our life . I’m pretty sure that it’s a knowing thing for all of you . What all you’ve to do is to stop thinking & complete remaining tasks of the day .

I mean to say , If you’ve done anything wrong . Instead of thinking it again and again , You must do something right in order to move forward in your life with positive vibes . Referring above example , If you’ve wasted your 3 hrs . of the day . But , still you are having few hours to end of the day . Here , you must ensure that you use these remaining hours for productive work , for your dreams . I’m sure , after completion of your work , at the end of the day , You are going to feel extreme self-motivation and self-confidence . You are gonna take relaxing sleep .


In Addition

More of it , You are away from so-called depression syndrome or stress syndrome . You are away from negative thoughts and you are close to harmony & health , which is going to ensue a progressive world not only for you but for society as well . Whenever you are involved in progressive actions for a long time , You are going to see that your life is going smooth . It happens because you are away from so many distractions of life & focused on one task at a time .

All along , You enjoy your work because your mind is concentrated on one task only , It is not diverted . You feel internal peace & when there is peace of mind , then there is a high possibility of the perfect completion of the task because your mind & body is extremely focused on the work . In conclusion , I want to say only thing that don’t concentrate on wrongdoing instead involve yourself in right doing for a progressive world , for a progressive you .

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