Blog 16 – Best way to find dream Jobs 

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There are billions of youngsters, jobseekers all around the Globe. When they dream about their jobs, they see themselves doing a graceful and respectful job in which they enjoy working. Sometimes, they go for job list of priority basis. The most favourite job is on top of the list. They use different parameters for making such a list, sometimes they value their passion/talent/skills. But the other time they value other’s opinion and mainly society opinion. Some of them grow up by hearing many stories related to particular jobs and they believe on those stories. Based on these stories they make their dreams. Now, concerning thing among these stories is that many stories are baseless and without facts or half facts.


The Problem –

Now a jobseeker believes the story of having half facts or without knowing what are all positive/negative aspects of that particular job. Every job has a public image today, when a bunch of people from society think something similar about a job it becomes public image or society image and by knowing only public image about a particular job, a job seeker ignores other aspects of the job or we could say that practical things of the job.

It’s like jobseeker having interest in job A or having skills of job A but the public image for job A is so negative that a person doing job A doesn’t get much respect in the society. Although the things in Job A are quite good but the public image is somewhat negative. Therefore, due to this public image the job seeker doesn’t go for job A rather choose another job which is none of his interests and skills. As a result, that jobseeker won’t enjoy his job but she/he will have to adjust somewhere for his entire life. Let me make it more clear with few examples of jobs.

(1) Post office Jobs –

In many parts of the world people think that if you are having a post office job it must be of a post master, where you just need to stamp all day long. So people consider these jobs as a low grade jobs. Whenever they hear that someone has got a job of post office, then they don’t feel so good for the job & consider this as a low-grade job.

So, here I wanna clear one thing that a post office job doesn’t mean only a post master job, there are so many jobs in a post office, there are so many departments. There are A class jobs, B class jobs, C class jobs, D class jobs like other jobs. So, there is nothing different with post office jobs you could learn so many things while handling public in a post office. There must be a lot of people in the world that dream to work in a Post Office. This sort of perception may not be existing everywhere but there are many societies/regions in the world where such perception exists.


(2) Marketing/sales Jobs –

Many people hates to do marketing jobs of entry-level. They don’t want to walk in the market, they don’t want to live in the market, they don’t want to travel a lot. Those who ain’t into marketing jobs they have different perception for marketing jobs. They think that you have to slog through a day long and still you don’t have any respect in marketing jobs. Although marketing jobs are considered as cash rich jobs. A person could earn to no limitations.

I consider marketing jobs as the most important jobs of the world. When you start marketing for any product or service, you get chance to see many people every day. You have to see your clients personally in a marketing job in which you have to deal with clients who deal in several products or services. So, ultimately you get a chance to exchange views with them. You exchange your thoughts & views of not only business but outside business. This way you learn something about their businesses as well. More you meet, more you learn.

This is the best way to know about market and when you are aware about any market in the world, you could become a king of it. A marketeer could become the most successful person in his life because he has multiple options to grow. Marketing job has a health/physical advantage as well. When you are into a marketing job, you have to travel a lot to see your clients. There is no fix time, any time you could have a call for the meeting. As a result, you could get any type of weather at any moment and you have to beat it. In order to travel a lot & to have worthy meetings, you’ve to keep yourself physically & mentally fit & healthy.


Ending Note –

There are many societies/countries where they don’t bother about a job Image, in fact there is no job image sort of thing. They believe in work, they believe in passion, they believe in interest, they believe in skills . These people do what they love to do, where they find something exciting, they go for that work. They don’t bother which sort of work it is, how much they are gonna earn. Even they set their own price for their work because they believe in their work.

So if someone doesn’t come under such society then he must think of it and take decision which is good and fruitful for you. There are many examples of the history in which people set examples by doing a so-called small job. They got all name and fame in that small job because they used to enjoy it. Not every small thing is actually small, same way there is nothing like small job, forget job, enjoy work.

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