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Importance of Failure in Life

There may be hardly very few people in this world that don’t want success or who want only failure in life. When I say success it doesn’t mean only in a carrier, success could expect in non profitable things as well. Even when a person is in search of salvation he seeks success for it. Although by seeking salvation he is trying to go away from materialistic world. But still he seeks success in order to get salvation. If he would be able to live in salvation, it would be considered as his success.

I’m sure that you are going to agree on that when you fail in anything you get one more chance to learn something. There are many examples in history where a legend got failure in life thousand times before getting success. Even there are many books which focus on that failure is good because it gives you tremendous experience. Today in this era of social media, there are millions of quotes which focus on the value of failure. When you fail you become more stronger than earlier.

Well, i am gonna share a tremendous phrase, which is going to impact largely on your life as far as success is concerned. This is actually a thought, an imaginary thought, you have to just keep it in your mind. Whenever you face any success or failure in life, try to remind this thought. After understanding this phrase you are going to agree that a success is far easy than a failure. You could get success 99% easy than to get a failure.


Hypothetical Example

Guys before sharing the phrase which is gonna make a huge difference in your opinion on success and failure, i want to present you a hypothetical example. After this example it would be extremely easy to understand the phrase. I must say that the phrase would be crystal clear to you, here we go –

This is actually a question and you are going to crack it very easily. Imagine, you are having 100 glass bottles (in a line from left to right) in front of you and you have only single bullet to hit any bottle. I guess, it is going to be very easy for you to hit a single bottle among 100 with a bullet because the probability is very high to hit the bottle. Now, come to the second scenario, imagine that you are having only single bottle and a bullet. Well, if I ask you to hit the bottle by a bullet. I guess, hitting the bottle is far difficult than earlier because the probability to hit the bottle is very low. Now, straightaway jump on our phrase.


The Phrase

“Success is one hit away in millions opportunities unlike failure”

I guess, you got the logic now, still i got to brief it. If you wanna learn how to ride a bicycle then you could get hundreds of chances until you learn perfect riding on a bicycle. Now, imagine you get fail in first 99 chances. We discussed earlier that each failure gives us a learning. This way, you’ve learnt for 99 times. So, before a success you have learnt so many things about the success. As a result, your success is going to be big and outstanding.

Now referring above example you’ve unlimited chances of success as you could take n no.’s of chances to learn a bicycle. You could succeed in any chance, it could be like 10th, 20th or 25th. I mean you could have learnt riding in 10th or in 50th or in 500th chance as there is no limitation of chances. But in case of a failure, once you get success, there is no room to failure. (Failure related to success you achieved)


Concluding Part

Your success is having more chances than a failure. So, a success is far easy than a failure in life. Now, i wanna mention the other part as well. We’ve proved that success is far easy than a failure. But, at the same time i want to mention one more thing that a failure is as important as a success because once you get a failure in life, you have a chance to learn something. But, once you get a success all chances are over because you’ve won already. It is possible that there may be other learnings which you haven’t learnt yet, which relate to the success you got.


For Example

While learning bicycle, in your learning stage if you didn’t get a problem related to bicycle breaks but you learn how to ride a bicycle. It means, you got success but after success when you will be riding bicycle somewhere. All of a sudden, if your bicycle breaks go out of order. Now, you don’t know how to fix breaks because you didn’t get a chance to fix it. It happened because you didn’t face the failure related to breaks. The conclusion is, you didn’t face a failure in life, so you are getting difficulty. Therefore, a failure in life is as important as a success.

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