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Get Motivation While Driving Car

According to WHO statistics , About 1.3 million people die on the world’s roads and 20 – 50 million are injured every year . With the motive to minimise these numbers , We have come up with our blog to make driving safe and progressive . It is a fact that when you are on the road , there is no guarantee that you couldn’t get hurt even if you drive safe , You could get hurt from other’s driving mistakes as well . So , You’ve to be full conscious while driving car not only for your actions (driving) , but for the actions of nearby drivers . You’ve to keep an eye on your surroundings of the road .

In this blog , We are going to include four simple things to follow on the roads while driving car and get self-motivation and confidence . Which is gonna ensure safe driving not only for you but for others as well & give a message of self responsibility on the road . Among these four methods , first three methods are quite common to our society . We hear that many times & most of us follow these . Our motive to share these methods again is only to give you another reminder to follow these methods .

But , our fourth method is quite uncommon and is less discussed in the society . Most of the time , We ignore this method but this method is extremely effective in order to bring the feeling of safety , progress & self motivation in you & on the road . It is going to ensure to minimise the accidents on the roads because you are going to act something in this method . Let’s take on all these methods –

Speed Limit

Speed is one of the prime reason in most of the accidents on the road . When a vehicle isn’t in full control of you , the chances of accident always there . There are many cities in the world which are perfect as far as road conditions are concerned . These roads are less prone to accidents and speed limit is also high over there . So , obviously one could drive at high speed on those roads . But , as far as low and middle income countries are concerned they have higher rate of road traffic fatality .

In such countries , when you drive at high speed , the chance of accident get increased because the overall infrastructure of roads is made in such a way . Unfortunately , many people forget this thing when they get power (power to fly on roads) . Sometimes , people are in hurry to reach the destination & they speed up their vehicle . Reasons could be many but it’s concluding part is that a family loses their family member , a State loses its citizen and this planet loses a human being . Therefore, there must be check on speed limit while driving car. 

It becomes a factor of motivation when you follow speed limit while driving car & feel a factor of satisfaction inside , that you are serving happy & safe driving to the world .


Less Honking

Another problem on the road is excess honking . This may not be a strong cause for accident but the cause for mental disturbance & stress . All along , It is the main factor for noise pollution on roads . Many times , drivers honk unnecessarily . Vehicle making companies or motor act has given this facility to use in necessary situation on roads . When there is traffic or you need a way from another vehicle , that time you are supposed to honk but people feel hurry on roads while driving car (or any vehicle) and keep honking in excess , specially in crowded areas . It may not harm people sitting inside soundproof cars but it could harm pedestrian and other people that could hear that voice .

When there is extreme noise at a certain place , it becomes noise pollution . Which is quite harmful to our ears or capacity of hearing . Therefore , if you want to be stress free and want to feel motivation on roads , you must make sure that others get this facility because of you . If you don’t honk unnecessarily , others will get relief from your part of noise pollution . By doing so , you are going to feel self motivation because you would feel that you are thinking of others , thinking of society .


Obey Traffic Signals

There is a popular saying that honesty is the best policy . When you keep honesty in your work , in your life , you become self-confident & self-motivated . Why! because you are fully satisfied from within , You feel proud of yourself . Same logic goes with drivers . Imagine , You are driving car and you break a red light , which is illegal . You may feel happy for a moment that you didn’t catch by traffic police & got escape safely . You are going to reach two minutes before to your destination .

But internally , your consciousness is never going to say that you have done something right because the fact is that you didn’t do a right thing . On the other hand , when you follow all traffic rules along with traffic signal rule while driving car , You feel internal peace and harmony that you are flowing in the right direction , your actions are supporting organise traffic , You are not responsible for chaos on the road . When you feel in such a way , Your motivation and confidence level goes on the top . Which is going to make your driving experience special & harmonious . You could get same feeling when you give way for other vehicles on the road .


Special Way

I am calling this special because this method is going to save lives on the road with our small effort . As I earlier said that this method isn’t commonly discussed in society and we don’t take it too serious . While driving car , sometimes we see the stone laying down in the middle of the road in front of our eyes , we just drive carefully in order to save our vehicle from hitting the stone and we passed by that stone & move forward for our destination . Here , We need to stop temporarily & park our car roadside , get off the car , pick up the stone and put it away from the road .

I took stone just for example , there could be a brick , there could be another solid thing laying down on the road which could be a reason for toppling down of any high speed vehicle . Once you do such activity , You gain two things . First , you are saving life of any human being or saving them from getting hurt . Second , by doing this you are going to get immense self-motivation . You’re going to feel proud of yourself that you’ve done something for a progressive and positive world . You spend your quite a few minutes or seconds in this process but this way , you’ve actually served society .

There maybe societies in the world where this is a common thing that when any driver sees any dangerous thing on the road , he acts spontaneously . In the same society , there are people that don’t care about such things . They just see the destination & keep driving car , they don’t imagine the fatal outcomes from that stone on the road . Same way , you could find food items between your road journey laying down on the road . This is our moral responsibility to pick that item and put it side alongwith the road .

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