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How to Handle Success Life

Why do we forget the importance of success after getting it . Success , for which we worked very hard and we dreamt a lot that one day we are going to get success in this particular thing . But after a certain period of time , the importance of success which we were having before success doesn’t remain same after getting success . We don’t give any importance to the success life which we’ve achieved . After getting success in one area we set goal for another success & don’t respect the current success .

Why am i talking all this because the outcomes are really negative . It could be a match fixing in an international game or a corruption done by a top official of any department . A player works very hard to get a spot in the international team . It could be football , cricket or other game of the world but it is the result of not giving importance to success or success life that sometimes a player gets involved in match fixing . Maybe the player sets another goal for his life . It could be to earn money .

A student works very hard to become a top officer in bureaucracy . He dreams day and night and work very hard . Therefore , He gets success & become the top officer in bureaucracy . But after a certain period of time he gets caught in corruption charges . Why does this happen to us that we dream for something , for a success life & works very hard but after a certain period of time we start misusing the powers which we never dreamed of when we were working hard & preparing for exams to get a dream job .

Why Does This Happen

It doesn’t happen to everybody in the world . Obviously , there are successful people in every field . Who remained successful in their carrier , in a particular work . They know very well how to behave and what to do after getting first goal , after getting a success . They always feel & respect the importance of the success even after getting success life . So they are miles away to think of misusing the power they got after achieving the success .

On the other hand , in the same world , there are examples where a person got success . He got it after extreme hard work of years but just after certain span of time he is no more a successful person . He lost what he achieved because he was unable to handle success . You look into any sports of the world , In that sports there are players who are remain leader for a long period of time .

In the same sport you would find some players that came with a bang who impacted a lot in early stage of their game carrier . But just after short span of time they vanished away from the game . Reason could be many but the fact is that they were unable to handle their success life . We are talking by excluding exceptional cases here like health issue & others . Below , You are going to find an outstanding method to handle success . I bet it is not only important to successful person but also for those who think that they are not successful yet in their life .

The Solution

To handle the success life in excellent ways , you’ve to use your imagining power along with to make some changes in your view to see things . You’ve to start giving importance to whatever you’ve achieved in your life , not just for a moment but for all the time . By saying ‘giving importance’ I mean you use your time & energy in using current resources in best ways for the wellness for society . You’ve to understand the responsibilities and duties which you are having after success . This way , to handle success is not just a matter for those who have gained a huge success in their life in whatever area of working . But for those as well , who still think that they are not successful .

They (who think are without success yet) must understand that after gaining success the need is to give importance to whatever they have achieved so far . If this is to follow then why not they look into their current life . I am sure , there are going to be many Success sort of things in their present life as well . But , the matter of fact is that they don’t see these things as a success . As a result , they don’t give importance of whatever they have at the moment . So , the feeling to follow responsibility and duties is not there . But they dream to get huge success & live a success life . They are not able to handle the current success then how would they be able to handle it in future .

Therefore , the conclusion is that every person needs to understand and feel that they are successful so far . They must look after those things which they are having right now and try to live the present life in more rich ways . If you are able to handle your current being , you are going to handle your future success as well . Let me clarify it with an example –



Imagine , You are an aspiring tennis player . You go for practice every day and desire to be a great player one day . If you want to be a legend and want to keep your momentum not for once but throughout your tennis carrier . Then , You need to keep a habit of giving importance of whatever you have . You must feel that you are having some sort of success right now . When you try to find out some success points in your present life , you are surely gonna get it .

In case of this example , you go for practice , You have complete tennis kit , you get required nutrition , get proper coaching . It means you have succeeded to avail such facilities in your life , no matter how you arranged it . There are many young people in this world that aspire to be a sportsperson but couldn’t afford such facilities . Therefore , in a way you are successful . Now it’s your responsibilities to handle this success by respecting these facilities . It means you’ve to follow your routine and make yourself aware about the things what to do & what not to do . You practice with all dedication & honesty . Just stick to your day to day routine of your life .

Once you get into such a habit you’re going to feel neutral after every success in your life because you know how to handle success life . This method of handling success doesn’t limit to only sports . You could apply this method for any work in this world . If you are a watch repairman & desire to run a watch manufacturing unit one day . You must start respecting the resources which you are using / having right now . When you focus on your working process and work like a gentleman with all sincerity , honesty and responsibility to your work . You are surely going to get success after success . When you respect success , You are going to mean it for a long time .


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