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3 inspirations for a social evil from RAVANA

Guys, think for a while that what do you get at the moment when you hear the name Ravana (In Hindi रावण Ravan). I’m sure that most of you are gonna get the picture of Ramayana (a Hindu epic) and most of you are gonna make an image of demons as far as Ravana is concerned. For those who are not aware with Ravana, I would suggest them to click on the word (Ravan which is highlighted) above and get a glimpse of it. You would see in many movies, Ravana could seen in a negative character. Furthermore, you would often see any villain of the movie calling himself Ravana.

He is considered as negative character because he kidnapped Sita (wife of Rama in epic Ramayana) and throughout Ramayana, he delivered many dialogues which were reflecting ego and due to which you would see many real villains in our society consider themselves as Ravana.

So here, I am gonna show you another side of Ravana which these villains & even anybody could get inspiration from, because of these qualities, he is being worshipped in some parts & by many people in India, Sri Lanka & in Bali (Indonesia). I’m gonna discuss three major inspirations behind Ravana. Which anyone could take in their life and which would ensure a mark of dignity on our personality. Here we go –

1. Respect women –

As far as Ramayana is concerned, you could see many incidents where Ravana showed immense respect for a woman be it his own wife or Rama’s wife Sita, who he kidnapped earlier. For the dignity of his own sister (Shurpanakha), Ravana kidnapped Sita. The major point among all is that Ravana never touched Sita even when he was desiring to marry her. He left the decision on Sita by saying that when you will be ready willing fully to marry me only then I am gonna marry you.

Now come to next part, today in real life we could see in many parts of the world many people don’t obey women. As a result, they disgrace them in some or the other way. In many countries there are campaigns going on to save woman/girl to being a victim of such villains of real life. You could go through thousands of news every day in which women have humiliated by these villains of real life. One could take a lesson from Ravana, you would get the fact that he was the most respectful to all women in some or the another way.

So, the conclusion is that when a villain of our society sees Ravana as his idol. It becomes his moral responsibility to respect all woman in the world. By doing so he’s gonna see a big change in himself and which is gonna change his identity to a hero.


2. Devotee of Shiva –

Ravana was the devotee of Lord Shiva. Even he was considered as the most revered devotee of Shiva. There are many stories of Ravana which are having Lord Shiva. One of which says that Lord Shiva gave him the name Ravana. Now, if those villains of the society wanna take inspiration from Ravana. They must worship someone, it may not be Lord Shiva for them but their must be someone else (God/inspiration). By doing so, they would get immense faith in a god. Which would persuade them to pray sometime(s) for a day. Which results in harmony, happiness & goodwill for them and for the society as well. I don’t need to jump on the benefits of praying. I guess, you feel it very well.

3. A Scholar –

According to Ramayana, Ravana had 10 heads, which represents his knowledge of six shastras and four Vedas.  This is why he is called as dasanann (having 10 heads; in Hindi दशानन). He grew to be an exemplary scholar and did master the art of weaponry to be a great warrior king. People used to consider him as the best scholar of that era. Even today people remember him as the best scholar. Anyone could learn & get this inspiration from him. A scholar could change the direction of his destiny and of society as well. A scholar could make big changes in the world, he could mark something extraordinary.

Being a villain if anyone wants to learn something from Ravana. He or she could become a scholar and I guess a scholar doesn’t mean to only an academic scholar. It could be un academic as well. One could read motivational novels, autobiographies, inspirational stories and other motivational stuff to get inspiration and to give inspirations, this is how it works. Being a scholar one must know difference between right and wrong actions, dharma and adharma, facts and false things in the world.


Ending Note –

Guys I delivered/wrote this blog on the occasion for Dussehra, a Hindu festival which comes once in a year. It marks the end of Ramlila & victory of lord Rama over Demon Ravana. Ravana is one of its kind who was a demon but still people worship him because of his many qualities. It also indicates that every demon has few good qualities. I take it another way that every person has both qualities which are good and bad. When your good qualities overcome bad qualities you are called a good human being & when your bad qualities overcome your good qualities you are called a bad human being. Let we identify our bad qualities & try to convert them into good qualities. I start now & you ?

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