How to Get Rid of Work Stress – Magical Way

Blog 59 Everybody works in this world but not everyone gets success in what they want to achieve in their life . Why do we get to fail . There could be many reasons for failure but I am going to talk about one of the main reason behind failure , which is work stress . When we say work stress , we get an image of multinational companies , International Enterprises , there is a lot of stress in all departments . They have stress to deliver fast . They are having pressure to remain at the top in [...]

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What is great to be A SALESMAN | Salesman Skills

Blog 33 Salesman Skills Guys I am going to write on a topic which is widely popular in the world. You go in any corner of the world, you are going to find a job called SALESMAN. The exact designation maybe differs from company to company. Few companies name it as sales executive, some call it sales promoter or territory executive, territory manager, team leader & like others. A salesman could sell any product or service. Almost every company in the world has this position but still, in many parts of the world, sales job is considered as a degraded/low profile [...]

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Best way to find your dream Jobs 2017

Blog 16 - Best way to find dream Jobs  Follow my blog with Bloglovin   There are billions of youngsters, jobseekers all around the Globe. When they dream about their jobs, they see themselves doing a graceful and respectful job in which they enjoy working. Sometimes, they go for job list of priority basis. The most favourite job is on top of the list. They use different parameters for making such a list, sometimes they value their passion/talent/skills. But the other time they value other’s opinion and mainly society opinion. Some of them grow up by hearing many stories related [...]

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