Motivational Speech of Dalai Lama | Concerning World Peace

I am very happy and honoured to receive this opportunity, to talk with young boys and girls. I was born in 20th century, just before second world war. Then , there was Korean war, Kenya emergency, India's partition, civil war [...]

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Motivational Speech of Mathematician Anand Kumar of Super 30 Classes

Mr. Anand Kumar Speech at a Student Conference School exams are merely exams. You will have to face harder exams in future. If you are really ready and wanna do something, the future will be yours. Only our young students [...]

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President Ramnath Kovind Speech at Aligarh Muslim University on 7th March 2018

Key Points Uttar Pradesh is my home state so naturally I have a soft corner towards this state. This is 5th convocation I am participating in UP . Aligarh Muslim University is one of the oldest University of national importance. [...]

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Motivational Speech of Indian President on Republic Day 2018

Motivational Speech of Indian President Mr. Ram Nath Kovind on the eve of 69th Republic Day 26th January, 2018   Key Points Today is the day to cherish the great efforts and sacrifices made by our freedom fighters. Today is [...]

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Motivational Speech of Indian Army Chief 2018

Each one of Indian youth represent most precious national asset. India is developing at a rapid base. We are amongst the world's 10th largest and fastest growing economies. India's cultural heritage diversity and democratic values are our greatest strength. To [...]

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