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I am going to talk about a very simple and a popular phrase which works effectively in our life . When we take this phrase serious , follow it & make a habit , we are going to get success in our respective field . Be it a Businessman , an Artist or a Sports person or anybody in the world . This habit work most for their success . The phrase is in English , which may be the part of few academic books as well around the globe . We could say it is a universal phrase . So , straightaway let me talk about the phrase and how it could be effective against anyone’s life .


The Phrase

Out of sight, Out of mind


Importance to a businessman

This phrase work effectively in a businessman’s life . When you deal with your client one by one . Imagine , you have done with your 1st client and you have to move to 2nd . But while talking to your second client you are still thinking about the things related to 1st client . I mean to say , your first client is out of your sight but is still in your mind . Obviously , It could impact your dealing with second customer . You are physically present at your second client but mentally somewhere else .

You could see the most successful businessman’s of the world . They have so many meetings in a day . Sometimes public meetings or personal meetings or conferences and all . You could clearly observe that when they deliver one meeting , they are present there physically as well as mentally . They get so involved in the task at hand . They successfully move from the last task/meeting physically and mentally because they understand if there is something out of sight , it should be out of mind as well .

Importance to a sports person

This phrase has extremely important in the case of a sportsman . A sportsman just couldn’t afford to disobey this phrase . It’s like if a batsman is playing in a national or international cricket match & he is about to hit a ball . Now , at the moment , if he thinks about the previous ball and not focus on the current ball . There are lots of probability of him to get out on this ball or lose momentum , because his mind is still in a thing which is out of sight . This phrase is pretty important to aspiring sports person as well . This is the basic thing which they need to be expert at .


Importance to a Student/teenager

Student time is the best time to get expert on this habit . Sometimes , when you are a poor student and afraid from your teacher because you are always incomplete with your homework . Therefore , if this lecture (of incomplete homework & angry teacher ) has gone and you are in the next lecture on sports . But , still you think about that previous teacher because the teacher is still in your mind despite out of your sight . The demerit is , by doing so , a student would not be able to concentrate on any subject . Even not on his favourite subject . So , students must make it a Point that the things which are out of sight must be out of mind as well .

Same way , in our teenage , if we see our cousins after a long time . We play with them for few days , then , our cousins leave us and we become so emotional and we don’t forget the memories for many days . It’s good to have good memories and remember them . But it becomes a problem when memory becomes to overload with your mind . Which disturbs your actions & you are not able to concentrate on your actions because you think about memory all the time . So , this thing must be controlled , our phrase is quite effective against such situations .


Concluding Note

In the concluding note , I want to mention one thing that the above conversation applies to the respect for particular circumstances . When your conscious mind needs to concentrate on one thing but your subconscious mind hampers it by thinking something else . By saying ” out of sight out of mind ” i don’t say that you just forget completely about the deal/meeting forever . You can’t do that because sometimes you have to think about your previous meeting/actions to match the details or to do other things related to that particular meeting . So , my ideas is , you could do this another time , but you couldn’t mixup things at the same time .


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