How To Keep Your Home Life Motivational & Exciting

Blog 69 How to Keep Home Life Motivational Obviously , when we live at the same place for long time , we feel bore & down sometimes . Especially , when we live alone , we start getting boredom . Everyday , we see same surroundings , same people in front of our eyes . In this blog , We are going to discuss that how could you make your home life Motivational , Energetic and Exciting for long . The thing which you need to do is quite simple & easy . It is possible that you already use [...]

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Valentine Day for Singles – How to Make Valentine Day Special

Blog 58 We are into Valentine week 2018 . Valentine day is considered as the celebration of romance in many parts of the world . These days , valentine day is the most popular day to celebrate romance in many regions of the world . This day isn’t limited to only bachelor lovers but Valentine day is strongly celebrated among married couple as well . Lovers throughout the world wait for this day to celebrate their love . Even , people always try to find Valentine Day celebration ideas that I should say unique ideas of every new Valentine Day [...]

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Get inspirations from rich places 2017

Blog 23 In every country, in every city there are few places where rich products or services are available. Millions of people come across those places every day. Many of them could afford the product and services available there & many couldn't afford. There are many places of this sort like a mall, museum, supermarkets, showrooms, premium colleges/universities, airports n so on. The list is long as so many places could come under rich places category. There is another reason as well, behind to call these places as rich places. I've experienced it many times in my life that whenever [...]

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How can Imagination Help You | Power of Imagination

Blog 13 Power of Imagination Imagination has the power to imagine imaginations at any length. You don't need to pay a single penny to imagine anything in the world. One could imagine freely in any situation of life or at any place of the world. One could imagine in drowsy state as well. These things are simply understood & we are aware of it. Let me tell you something different now, that imagination could change your life. It has the power to ensure your success provided you use your power of Imagination in the right direction & your position must [...]

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Look up in the sky & make your destiny- Motivation N You

Blog 12   Look up in the sky & make your destiny   Many celebrities worldwide spend huge amount of money only to get peace of mind & peace in life. A peaceful mind could ensure your success & make destiny. Some go for personal yoga training, some go for personal spiritual guru, some go for personal dance studio & other go for premium vacation tour. One of their reason for doing this is to relax and feel good so to get more focus and be stress free on work. No wonder in doing something in order to get peace [...]

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Get motivation while alone at home…with fine examples

Blog 11 How to get motivation while alone at home Examples include - Be an actor without coaching/training at home Be a writer with fun Many of you may believe or agree that only a negative thought is enough to distract us in life. When we have an empty mind, we have more chance of distraction of mind because we could be easily affected by more and more negative thoughts in this time and there is a universal phrase which is 'an empty mind is a devil's workshop'. So if you wanna live peacefully in your life you couldn't afford [...]

How Could an Object Motivate You

Blog 10 Guys, before starting this topic, i wanna add that imagination alone could motivate you largely & i am gonna write on this soon. Imagination has certain role in this topic as well. Could you imagine that an object could motivate us. If i say 'yes' then you would ask me how. Let me straight away jump on the answer. Effective/right use of an object could motivate us largely. This object could be any product or service of the world. Once you become an expert in imagining & feeling motivation from one object. You could find it easy to [...]

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How to get self motivation with legendary expressions

Blog 9 Get Self Motivation with legendary expressions  Guys i am sure that you must aware & remember of few expressions/postures of the legends of the world. It could be your favorite expression of your favorite legend/celebrity. It could be an expression of a footballer or a cricketer or a politician & so on. Now, could you imagine that these expressions could give you self motivation. It could build self confidence & give you self motivation to do best in your respective area of work. These expressions could be a large cause for stress buster in your life.   My [...]

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Win over the Fear of Failure

Blog 8 
 How to win over the fear of failure / future Once a day I was thinking that why do people get suicide, I looked around, went through suicide cases of newspaper/articles, talked to people & finally arrived on a conclusion that in almost all suicide cases primary cause is the fear of failure , it could be fear of getting into top business school/college, fear of getting desirable jobs, fear of happy married life/ relationship, fear of getting good marks/grades & so on. When you don't get any of the desired thing in your life. You get [...]

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Desire What Should be Desired

Blog 6  Don't desires for today's luxury, you'll get it easily in your life - The most easy thing in the world is to day dreaming / desire. We feel all comfort & relax while day dreaming. We don't have to pay a single penny to feel this feeling. Sometimes, we desire about products / services & wish to get those one day in our life. For eg. Imagine you are walking on the road & in that sort you see a luxury sedan worth ₹ 1 crore passing you. Being a middle class you starts thinking / desire to own [...]

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How to Get Self Motivation Through Habits

Blog 4 - How To Get Self Motivation Through Habits  There are many ways to find Self motivation , in this article we are going to know how to get self motivation through our habits. Down below, I am gonna give a set of some universal habits which are a part of majority of people's routine. Before we move further, I wanna make you all think any of your habit/activity which boosts your self motivation. After that, match it with the habits given below:   (1) Early to bed, early to rise : This is the most easy & the [...]

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