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As the year 2020 is coming to an end, more people talking about that how bad it was for them. Today world is waiting to get 2020 over and they are hoping to get a new life in 2021. There were many strange & unexpected incidents happened in 2020. Covid-19, jobless, cold business environment, war between countries, WHO guidelines, Mask is new normal and so on, these were the few most popular words of 2020, but the whole year was somewhere revolving around a major pandemic of century covid-19 (Corona Virus). Corona Virus is still there but we could hope that it may be eradicated completely from the world in near future. But, the experience which people faced during this time is not going to be forgotten that easily. People will keep remember this year for many more years.

How Do You Remember 2020 !! Motivation N You | MNY


2020 so different 

2020 has become so different for the world because it has forced new lifestyle to almost every single human being of this world. Earlier, people used to gather according to their choice. After covid-19 there were restrictions that you can’t get together with your choice and if there is any need, then you have to take permission of authorities. Earlier, you used to touch any object, anything according to your choice. After covid-19, it became fearful for you to touch any unwanted object. Earlier, you hardly bother to wear any mask on your face & sanitize your hands, again it was your choice. But, after covid-19 it became mandatory to wear mask and sanitize your hands many times in a day. 

Earlier, you used to go office and see your colleagues personally with handshakes. After covid-19, not to talk of handshakes, you are even not going to office, work from home is the new code of office. Earlier, you used to travel according to your choice. After Covid19, many public transport was stopped & restricted personal transport as well. These are only few major things which we see in people life. Apart from this, if we talk on individual level, then there are hundreds of such feelings which made year 2020 totally different from other years. The feelings of fear, anxiety was always there with every new case of covid-19.

How Do You Remember 2020 !! Motivation N You | MNY


A perfect human life

God has made human beings along with many other creatures on earth. Everyone has its own duties /responsibilities and fun facilities. But, human beings are the one who could control any other creature of the earth. A tiger is more powerful than a human being but a man could control a tiger with his mind and courage which was given by God. An Elephant is more powerful and strong than a man but a man controls an elephant. Apart from imagination & movies, you would hardly find any place, any zone where an elephant is controlling a group of people/individual or any other creature controlling human beings. This way, we could say human beings are most powerful on earth. That’s another thing that sometimes they use this power for destruction.

Now, don’t you think that more power comes with more challenges, more duties and a dynamic mindset. When a man prepares to control a tiger to put him in the cage, his mind set is different. When that person actually try to control a tiger, his mind set is different this time. Finally, when the tiger is in the cage, now his mind set is of different zone. There is a common thing in all three mindsets that these mindsets were working for a common purpose, they were having a common goal of having tiger into a cage. We are getting a beautiful learning out of it that no matter which situation we are into, we must step forward for a common goal and we may have to shift our mind set accordingly. God has made a law of change.

How Do You Remember 2020 !! Motivation N You | MNY

To fulfill this law, God has given a new change, a new challenge in the form of covid-19. For many it is a situation of fear and to behave like a looser and start giving excuses for everything. On the other hand, it’s a new normal and to live this, human beings have to step forward with a motive to live a quality life, that no matter what situation we would get, we would always search for quality life, that’s it. Water makes its way in desert. Same way, human beings are supposed to make their way, ensure their progress in any situation and we have seen so many such examples as well. No doubt, it’s once in a century virus but if you remember true duties of human life then we would be able to understand lives, which would guide us for the right decision making.


Change Winners 

If we look around us, we would find many such people who converted this disaster like situation in opportunity. Many people lost their jobs after covid-19. Among these people many thought for entrepreneurship and they started working for it very first day they lost their job and today they are proud of what they decided. If we try to relate this with our above perfect life rule then it fits very well. These entrepreneurs truly lived this rule, they accepted change and they made their way like water in desert.

There are many businessmen, who lost lots of money after covid-19, in lockdown situation but they did not go in excuse mode. Rather, they accepted change and tried to observe the situation and they bring in new products/services in their business. They understood the idea that life would be there after pandemic as well. So, there is going to be new needs, there is going to be new market, why not to get a grip on that market and they did the same thing. They were able to do this only because they accepted change, they were able to change themselves, they accepted the law of God.

How Do You Remember 2020 !! Motivation N You | MNY

Wait…was 2020 special !!

Year 2020 is extremely special for those who kept themselves positive for maximum time and converted this time in a big opportunity, which could change their entire life in future. For this success, who should be the credit given to. The credit goes to this situation, covid-19 like situation, where people experienced completely different life they had to shift the gear of their mindset to match the time. 2020 is really special because it gave a great learning to human beings, to keep pace with time sometimes you have to break, sometimes you have to accelerate, sometimes you have to slow down, sometimes you have to move fast. 2020 is the year which reminded human beings that they are born to witness change, that they are bone to handle change, that they are bone to be a change.

Get ready for new change 2021

Human Life & challenges will go hand in hand. If covid19 were not there, some other challenge would have been there for everyone.

How Do You Remember 2020 !! Motivation N You | MNY



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