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Do you use mobile after sleeping !!

After getting inspiration for so many times, on 28th August 2020, i decided to sleep at sharp 10 at night and wake up in the next morning at 5:30. But there was a thing, a secret killer, which forced me to wake up till midnight and get up at 8:30 in the next morning. Again, that popular secret killer stopped my time from 8:30 to 9:15 & my day started at 9:15. It didn’t happen all of sudden, it was the result of following same schedule for last many days. Here, what surprises more is that even after strong decision making, I was unable to hit the hay on time.

Does this also happen to you ???

Who is this sleep moron that is having guts to disturb your sleep, to disturb your life without your permission, let’s find out in this blog. 

Each night when I go to sleep I die and the next morning when I wake up I am reborn
– Mahatma Gandhi

Before going further let we know few of the the best benefits of taking quality sleep –

  • Sleep improves your memory power
  • It (sleep) reduces stress greatly
  • Sleep monitors your weight and highly helpful to maintain it
  • Sleep is a major cause for a better mood sleep keeps your heart healthy
  • It (sleep) could maintain your blood pressure & it helps in to keep it lower
  • Sleep helps your body to fight back
  • Sleep works like a painkiller for your body and mind
  • It (sleep) makes you more intellectual and smart

Do you use mobile after sleeping - Motivation N You

Secret Popular Killer –

The secret killer is a wireless handheld device which could perform multiple functions at same time and popularly known as ‘Smartphone’. I am sure after knowing this name many of you are able to connect it better with you.

Know your Smartphone –

How better do you know your smartphone. Do you know what are the radiation values of your smartphone & what is the radiation limit for human body. Do you know the calling no. to check radiation of your smartphone. If you don’t have this information you must start checking it in your smartphone right now. Once you get to know about the radiation of your smartphone and the radiation limit for human body, you would get an idea that how safe is your smartphone for your body and what distance you must maintain with your smartphone. This is first step to be taken to ensure our win in fight with the demon called smartphone.

Do you use mobile after sleeping - Motivation N You

A data shows that 71% of people sleep either holding their smartphone, having it in bed with them, or having it on their night stand. Ultimately, they sleep with a smartphone within an arm reach, which results in the temptation to check social media sites, emails and other things on internet is very strong even if it is midnight. As a result, you are giving your energy in something, whether it is reading or watching videos, when you should have actually be relaxing.

According to another study conducted by wakefit.com, work from home is making 67% Indians suffer from sleep deprivation, about 67% of people in India sleeping after 11 p.m.

Do you use mobile after sleeping - Motivation N You

After going through these data, we must understand that the more your sleep is disturbed, more you are away from motivation of your life. There must be a high discipline in your sleep, if you want your life having some quality.

Now the question is, ‘What To Do To Sleep In Sleeping Hours ?’

Few less talked methods –

Fix Sleeping Time –

Maintain same sleeping time everyday. It brings a big stability in your sleep and ultimately in your life. Fix a time and leave mobile aside at that time. It’s not going to be that easy, it will take lot of courage for first 3 days, then it is going to be habitual. No matter how much time it will take to get sleep, you just don’t get mobile. If you get extreme difficulty in sleeping or you feel uncomfortable, you could walk little bit inside or outside your room.

Do you use mobile after sleeping - Motivation N You

Breathing Technique –

Breathing technique is having many advantages. It will help you here as well. Deep inhale and exhale will help you largely to control your thoughts and the desire to hold smartphone in your hand.

Prayer Technique –

Some time given to prayer just before sleeping brings immense peace in our body and mind. Prayers are having strong power to control our emotions provided we do it with all faith and willingness. This small act before sleeping will minimize the desire of using smartphone.

Do you use mobile after sleeping - Motivation N You

Avoid late night eating
Noise Factor – 

Avoid noise or reduce noise in your bedroom because if your sleep continuously gets disturbed from noise, then there is strong possibility that you would get back to your smartphone instead of sleeping.

The familiar Technique –

Do work hard mentally and physically. When you work hard in the day, you are most likely to be get a perfect sleep at night. No matter how big smartphone you are having, you will get sleep instantly.

Do you use mobile after sleeping - Motivation N You

A man should forget his anger before he lies down to sleep – Mahatma Gandhi

Sleep is the best meditation – Dalai Lama

Ending Note –

My mobile got out of order about 2 months back. I gave it to a repair man and had to leave without mobile for one day. I couldn’t forget that pain to spend a day without smartphone. It was extremely painful for me. It happened because I was somehow highly addicted to smartphone but none from my family or me took note of it because it was not an addiction of drugs or alcohol. That day I realized that an addiction to smartphone is no less than an addiction to drugs or alcohol because the damage from the addiction of smartphone could be much more than the addiction to others. My readers, in my last sentence, i just want to say everything has its good and bad but the important thing is you know it. It’s time you know your smartphone and it’s time that you get SLEEP after SLEEPING.

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