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Success Mantra

Almost Everyone has a common dream in their respective lives & the dream is to get more & more success in their life , in their career , in their work . There are many philosophies of the world having many ideas to get success in life . The idea which we are going to share is one of those . I am pretty sure that this success mantra is heard by almost everyone many times in their lives . My intention is only to push it a more time for another reminder to myself first & then to others to make it a point for ultimate success of life .


The Success Mantra

This success mantra is actually a popular phrase , which is :

Slow and steady , wins the race

Now , our success mantra talks about two things to get success in life . First you’ve to be slow & second you’ve to be steady . Let we take on both of these separately .


First Part – To be Slow 

To be slow doesn’t talk about to walk slow or to talk slow . It promotes the idea to add a little task everyday in your way for your dreams . You’ve to make a road map to achieve your goal or aim , after that pick up a small task which supports your goal & complete it . Then , go for another task & so on . Don’t forget the idea that one task at a time . Make your first job perfectly finished before jumping to second . It’s same as you’ve to climb all stairs one by one to reaching at the top .

Eg. – If you want to edit a video with the use of video effects . First , you’ve to spend some time to learn thoroughly the process to edit a video . After that , you’ve to install few softwares which meet your requirements . Then , you’ve to test all softwares one by one to get an idea of their capabilities . Then , start editing video using softwares . Take on sequentially on all editing tools eg. noise reduction , video clarity , video crop , logo inserting , video joining , special effects etc . You’ve to give certain time to each of these tools to take benefit largely for the success & this is possible when you take a task at a time .

Second Part – To be Steady 

Now comes on second part , to be steady in your life . The literal meaning of steady is regular or continuous & this is what it is . Along with slowness you’ve to be regular in your task to reach the destination . Whatever skill / work you’re opted in , you’ve to practice it everyday to become efficient in it . There may festivals , functions , vacations , trips would come up in your way , just mind to continuing your practice of your interest everyday . You could afford only a day gap between a week . If possible try to continue your attachment to work all days a week . By chance , if there is a long gap between your work process , you are going to take more time to start it again from where you paused . Therefore , we strongly push the idea of regularity in work .

Eg. Imagine, you are in a habit of reading book everyday . Somehow , you missed to getting touch with your book for 10 days . So , on eleventh day you are going to take extra time to understand & remember the previous story/content/phase of the book which you’ve read already . All along you are going to find it difficult to get back the same Interest , focus , rhythm , intellectual/emotional gain over the book content as earlier . It could even divert your mind to read the book again . In short , the break of ten days is responsible for ruining your book reading .

Therefore , our success mantra advocates to be steady in our routine . We can apply it in any prospective of life . Do you wonder that why do many sports persons prefer to go back to their training camps instead of home after completion of their game series/tournament , cause they/their coaches are all aware of the consequences of any gap between their practice . Which is going to hamper their success . This success mantra doesn’t apply on only physical activities , rather it has the same importance in mental tasks .



Hence , This rule to be slow & steady powers you to fight with many unwanted distractions of your life . This success mantra makes your process for success quite effective & efficient . At the end , I am sure that you are going to adopt it right away & challenge your friends to follow same . Don’t forget to share your experience in comments below .


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