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Importance of Karma/Work/Actions | Benefits of Working

Imagine , you have joined a company & your job is to sell a product or service in the market . For that , You’ve to run in the market all day long . Sometimes it’s scorching sun , sometimes it’s shivering cold or the other time , It’s raining . Sometimes , when you work under hot sun , You start feeling down , You start blaming your destiny that you don’t have good work to do . You don’t enjoy the moment at all , you don’t concentrate on your Karma (Action) . You just don’t find a single worthy thing in your work & forget benefits of working . Above is just an example , you could find such feelings in any of the work .

Here , I want to knock you & say that you must feel happy & joy while working . You must be proud of yourself for one thing and you must make yourself believe that you are at the right place at the right time for the fulfilment of one thing . The thing is Karma (Action) , You must feel great by thinking that you are doing your karma or you’re into benefits of working . You are engaged in the most needed thing of the world . You are engaged in Karma which you are supposed to do for your whole life .

Why To Think So

When you think in such a way , you are going to achieve two things . First , You are going to give importance to the work which you are doing . No work is small , no work is degraded , It’s our feelings attached to the work which makes the work small or big . Imagine , you sell newspaper at a railway station . One way of thinking is that you are doing an extremely small work of this world . There is no progress in this work . Another way when you think that because of you , thousands of passengers get to know about the news of the world that what is happening in the society , in this world .

Adding to this , You always desire to expand your circle . I mean to say , You always desire to fulfil more and more people desire to get a newspaper . As a result , you plan to buy another newspaper agency/contract at nearby railway station as well . When you feel in such a way , you know the benefits of working . You are on the true progress , not only your progress but the society progress as well .

Second , when you feel that you are into Karma & keep doing your karma with all joy and happiness , you get yourself away from many distractions of life , which stop you from progress , that’s what we call benefits of working . To be into Karma or actions is the best way to live life . It looks so simple but it’s not as easy when it comes to applying practically . You’ve to knock yourself all the time whenever you get distracted from your Karma . You’ve to make sure that you do the right karma at the right time . Karma shouldn’t be implemented forcefully . It must come willingly from your inside and you must feel joy and happiness while doing Karma without focusing on its results .


Importance of Karma | Benefits of Working

A person couldn’t sit idle continue for a period of time . He has to do Karma in order to make balance in life and live healthy and peaceful life . You couldn’t see a single billionaire of this world that has earned enough money & after a certain period of time he decides to just sit idle & enjoying his earnings & not doing any sort of karma . There are examples that quit businesses , but they didn’t quit Karma at all because they are aware with the benefits of working or importance of karma .

You may see a common thing out of the most successful people statements of their success . The common thing is that they focus on doing actions again and again . why is so , because once we are born , It’s our duty and compulsion to follow our Karma . Otherwise , there is going to be a huge imbalance in our life and which results are going to be disaster for us . Speaking of karma there is a famous sloka in Bhagwad Geeta which is all about karma , the sloka is –

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि॥ २-४७

(Go Through with explanation)


Ending Note

Therefore , whatever work you are doing , whatever action you are into , just don’t think about skipping Karma . You could change your actions according to your interests and situations but you’re not allowed to sit idle and saying to God that God hasn’t given me a good life . It’s not god , it’s you who are going to make your own destiny . Better you start observing the positive factors of work which you are doing right now .

When you start living your life in such a way and enjoying your karma , you’re going to get immense experience which is going to take you to your desired destination in your life . But you must follow the journey . When we always think about the destiny and stop in the middle of the journey , then , how could it be possible to reach the destination if you don’t move . So , better we not only follow our journey but also enjoy it with all logics and happiness . Therefore I say , congratulations you are into your Karma , you couldn’t forget benefits of working .


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