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Pratap Chandra Sarangi | Poor to Parliament House | Inspirational Story

Life of Pratap Chandra Sarangi Pratap Chandra Sarangi was born in a village of Balasore in Odisha State of India. He was born on 4th January 1955 in a village Gopinathpur of Nilagiri. He wished to become a monk in his early stage of life. For that, he visited Ramakrishna Math in Belur many times. The Monk of Ramkrishna Math came to know that the mother of sarangi is in old age & alone at home. Therefore, The Monk advised sarangi to go back home and serve his mother.     Pratap Chandra Sarangi went back home but his thought [...]

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How to Get Monday Morning Work Motivation | Monday Motivation

Blog 94 Intro - Monday Morning Motivation You're a corporate guy & It's weekend and you enjoy your Saturday night to the fullest because next day (Sunday) is holiday and you enjoy your holiday entirely as well. But while catching Sunday night, you start getting little stress of going to work next day. In Monday morning, this stress level goes high. Your blood pressure & heart beats go higher than normal & this cycle goes every week with the same pace. Am i talking about your routine then you've come at the right place. We are talking about the Monday [...]

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Quotes Albert Einstein | Quotes By Albert Einstein

Quotes Albert Einstein Success Quotes by Albert Einstein   1. Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.   2. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.   3. Nothing happens until something moves.   4. Only those who attempt the absurd can achieve the impossible.   5. Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.   6. Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.   7. Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.   8. Try not to become a man of success, [...]

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Did You Just Waste Your Time, Don’t Worry, Here is Your Motivation

Blog 93 In today's fast life, we couldn’t afford to waste our time for a single minute but thanks to our laziness and other factors which tend us to waste our time so many times in a day. There are different psychologies of people in the world which reacts after wasting time. Some people just don't give any attention to wasting time, they just ignore it and enjoy the moment, they don't bother about their future, about their actions in their life. There are another sort of people who take themselves so serious in this matter and they believe that [...]

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Social Media for Self Improvement | Enhance Self Controlling Power

Blog 92 Social media is a new form of technology. It has made our life different in many ways. When it comes to social media, we could think about scopes in many areas. Apart from fun, personal attachment with your friends and known, gaining knowledge in different ways, social media is also a quite popular platform for marketing. You may not get something in a market but it is almost impossible that you don't get a product or service through internet or through social media. In short, I must say social media is the lifeline of today's world. Whenever anything [...]

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Dhirubhai Ambani | Man of 20th Century

Motivational Story of Dhirubhai Ambani  Dedication and hard work can make even a high school drop out, one of the world's richest man. Dhirajlal Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani, Padma Vibhushan, Indian businessman and founder of Reliance industries. The great businessman Dhirubhai Ambani was born in 1932 in Chorward, Gujrat. His father was a school teacher, but unlike his father, he had no interest in formal education. At very young age, Ambani started showing his leadership skills. He was elected as General Secretary of Junagarh Union, while he was studing in school at Junagarh. In his opinion, education was not necessary to be [...]

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Motivational Story of Harry Potter Author | J K Rowling

Harry Potter Author - J K Rowling Life Story Who isn't fan of the beautifully written world famous Harry Potter series. These books takes us to the magical journey of a whole different world. But nobody knows the real struggle of its author before creating this magical story. J.K. Rowling, the author of iconic bestselling Harry Potter series, a teacher, producer, screen writer, philanthropist, novelist and first writer to became billionaire. She was born in 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England. When other kids of her age used to play outside, she was always surrounded with books. She used to live [...]

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Diet Motivation | Healthy Eating & Health Tips

Blog 91 Every area/region has it’s own food items/taste & food recipes . Size, types & taste of food changes in every area . Every country has a list of its famous food items . All is well until we digest food well . But , It becomes a problem when this delicious food become the reason of our bad health . It happens mostly due to the wrong combination of food items , wrong timings of intake & excess of food . Every problem of our body somewhere related to the diet we have . Here is when , [...]

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Motivational Story of Rajinikanth – Rajinikanth Story

Shivaji Rao Gaekwad or Rajinikanth, a self made superstar, Padma Bhushan, Padama Vibhushan, politician, playback singer, screen writer, film producer and an actor, who is worshipped as God in south India. In 1950, the great Indian superstar was born in a Maratha family in Mysore. His parents named him Shivaji Rao Gaekwad after a legendary Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji. He lost his mother when he was just nine years old. His brother enrolled him at Ramakrishna Math. There he was taught Vedas, Indian history and traditions. He used to enjoy watching films, soon his intrest started to develop acting. He [...]

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Colonel Sanders Story | Motivational Story of Colonel Sanders

Colonel Harland Sanders, who was a successful American businessman and founder of famous KFC fast-food chain. After facing series of failures and rejections in his life, he proved it right that "The one who tries, never fails". Colonel Sanders was born in 1980, at a farm in Henryville, Indiana. He lost his father at very small age of 5 years. Death of his father left his family in financial trouble. His mother started working in factory which kept her away from home. Therefore, colonel took responsibility of his younger siblings and started cooking for them. At age of 7, he [...]

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Music , Songs & Motivation

Blog 90 World has many cultures and customs , every culture has its own kind of music sense . Language and the accent on language change after every few kilometres , so as our music & it's style . But there is an interesting fact about music that we may not understand the song of other languages or of other cultures but if we listen it deeply , We are going to understand the emotions behind the song . After listening to it for just one or two times , We are surely gonna feel that which kind of theme [...]

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Motivational Story of Mary Kom – Born to Beat Diversities

Chungneijang Mary Kom Hmangte was born in a poor family in Churachandpur district of Manipur, India. Her Parents were tenant farmers & Mary Kom used to help her parents by working in the fields. While in school, she used to play many sports like hockey, athletics & football. She got interest for boxing when she got inspired from a local boxer Dingko Singh, who won Gold Medal at the Asian Games, 1998. Mary Kom made her way to boxing, but the way wasn’t that easy. Her father wasn’t in favor of boxing. He used to worry that who will marry [...]

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Do We Really Need to Ask Salary to Judge Someone !!

Blog 89 In today's world , what is the most common way we follow to know the progress of someone , A thing which friends want to know when they see each other after a long time . Undoubtedly , it is the earning or salary which we see first before judging someone . When we see a new guy at the first time , the first thing we wanna know is their salary that how much is he/she earning . Our future talking is mostly based on the answer we get , the response we get . Why do we [...]

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Fear at Young Age is a Fear Forever

Blog 88 In this blog , I am going to talk about that fear which we get in our young age or in school age . This fear could be related to anything and in general , we think that when we would become adult the problem would go off but the reality is different . When you don't work to remove that problem and don't give attention to it , it remains a problem for you forever . Therefore , this is the time when we've to think on such issues which are internal and personal . Before going [...]

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How to Escape from Depression

Blog 87 According to WHO , more than 300 million people suffer from depression globally . It is the leading cause of disability and disease . At its worst , it could lead to suicide . A family having depression patient suffers a lot & someone needs to stay along with depression patient if the depression is at high level . At this stage , anyone could take any wrong step . There could be many negative possibilities of his actions . Depression is not limited to a particular profession , It could happen to anyone even if a person [...]

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Accept Yourself – Accept World

Blog 86 It's been seen many times that we get into a situation but we don't ready to accept that situation . We wish to stay out from that situation instead of going forward . But , that is not possible every time . Once a time we’ve to accept that situation , there is no way out . But , We don't ready to except what our destiny has given to us . Our family members / relatives always think that what is wrong with this guy . That he has negative attitude to things that he doesn't accept [...]

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Value the Goal Achieved – Need of the Hour

Blog 85 Value the Goal Achieved A candidate works hard for civil services exam (or Govt. Jobs Exam) & make a goal to be selected as government officer . He cleared Exam, get selected & the goal achieved. After few years , We see the same candidate or official become corrupt and involved in bribe .  A fat person goes to gym in order to become slim . He works out very hard and achieve his goal (to be slim) in few quarters . But after sometime , he stops working out and become fat again . When we are [...]

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Enough of Knowledge | Stop Gaining Knowledge

Blog 84 You would wonder for a second that how come I am saying that enough of knowledge or stop getting knowledge , after more than 80 blogs in which I shared some sort of knowledge only . In general , If we hear somewhere that stop gaining knowledge , naturally , We are going to take it negatively that knowledge is about to gain how could we stop taking knowledge . But , In this blog , We are gonna talk about certain times when we've to stop gaining knowledge . Such times if you don't stop taking knowledge it [...]

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Privilege & Self Motivation | Ensure Progress

Blog 83 We all have some sort of privileges . Sometimes , We get it naturally , sometimes we effort to get it . According to the World Bank , approx . 12% population of this world don't have the privilege / access of electricity . Same way , many people don’t have the privilege of smart phones & Internet in this world . Many people have privilege of a sedan / personal vehicle but the others don't have . I believe every person have privileges of some kind in this world . A person that has any privilege , [...]

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Get Freedom & Feel Motivation | Independence Day Special

Blog 82 We are going to celebrate Independence Day 2018 on 15th of August . The day when India got independence from Britishers in 1947 . The day when India became independent and it had to do so many things to rebuild itself . The one thing which every citizen of this country felt on 15th August 1947 was freedom . Freedom to not follow the rules of the britishers . Freedom to work according to Indian Constitution (however it was made after few years of the independence) . Therefore , on this occasion of freedom day 2018 , We've [...]

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