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Most of us spend half of our life in regretting on our past decisions . When we don’t get success after taking a particular decision , we start to blame the decision and ourselves that we took wrong decision that’s why we didn’t get success . Here , I say that none of your decisions is wrong . Each and every decision on your life is right . It’s better you work more hard for your decision , which you made in past and be extremely confident about it . Still , there are many decisions which are not perfect .

But those decisions are extremely necessary in order to take its next decisions , i mean more mature and perfect decisions because when you take any decision & if you fail in , it gives you plenty of learnings and experience . Which is pretty important to your success in future . These learnings give you immense exposure to success & ensure success in future .

I want to clear one thing that I am not talking about universal wrong decisions . Those decisions which are always wrong with all circumstances e.g. when you decide to commit any crime/robbery . So , it’s understood that the decisions , which I’m talking about are general decisions , which we take in order to get progress and prosperity in our life . But it becomes a problem when we confuse so much with decision-making . The time we struck in million thoughts of mind and keep regretting about the decisions we made in past . If you keep one thing in your mind that all decisions are right and work to make our last decision as perfect as possible , then the result won’t be so bad and we would feel all the motivation and keep moving forward .


How all decisions are right

Imagine , you are having an offer to do a freelance job but you’ve to pay some amount in advance to that company in form of membership fee . Now , you are in dilemma of mind as fraud is possible in such circumstances . You are unable to make decision what to do . Should you pay money and start as a freelancer or not to pay money and remain without work . Here i say , your both decisions are right . If you go to pay money and the work is genuine , your decision is proved right . In case if your money is drowned and you don’t get any output because the company did fraud .

Although , you lost money but your decision was right because you got a new learning . You would save millions of money in future by ignoring such companies because you already have experience of such a company . If you go with the other option by not enrolling for the job , then it’s good as well . This way , you’ve saved your money by not giving it to Company . Further , you could search for other opportunities which are free of cost . I mean to say your all decisions are right . Just don’t blame your decision on your failure . Try to extract the winning part , the learning part of your failure . So , all you have to do is to change your view of looking at things and everything is going to be smooth and fine .


A live example

As I already said that it’s all your confidence in your decision & the view of looking at things to prove your decision a right decision . I tell you a real story based on the decision making . Few years back , a man shifted his living place & all well settled business from Surat , India to Baroda , India . He took this hard decision in order to make their children’s future bright in cricket because Baroda had good coaching facilities than Surat . You would surprise that the age of his elder son was just six years old . But his father was super confident about his decision . People used to ask him that why is you destroying your well settled business . He used to reply that my children’s are going to be famous one day .

Today , both of his sons are popular cricketers & 1 is playing for Indian national team for India . I am talking about the father of Hardik and Krunal Pandya . Hardik Pandya has made place for Indian team & already delivered many match winnings performances . Whereas , Krunal Pandya is a brilliant player & plays from Mumbai Indians for many years along with Hardik Pandya in IPL . The story was disclosed by Krunal pandya in his latest interview . You could find the interview on the following link . This is the perfect example of making a decision & live up to it , as far as their father is concerned .

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