Blog 48

I guess , no one in this world don’t dream to become a VIP (Very Important Person ) one day . I mean to say at some point of life , everybody often thinks to be a VIP in any field . Whenever we see any billionaire or a popular celebrity somewhere or when we listen to them , when we read about them , for a moment , we think to be like them . We think to become rich like them , to become popular like them . We think to live their life but the problem is , we don’t think to act like them . Even if we think sometimes , we don’t act like them .

I’m going to share something in this blog that how you could become VIP and feel self-motivation . For this , you don’t have to live other one’s life or you don’t have to spend anything extra . You just have to make a small change in your life . Even , you don’t have to change your profession . You could become VIP & get immense self-motivation by doing the same work which you are doing right now , provided you just make a small change in the way of thinking .


What To Do

To be a VIP , all you have to do is to feel like a VIP in your life . Let me elaborate further . All self made VIP’s of the world are made from their actions . People admire them the way they act . People admire a Very Important Person even if he does a small task/work . There are many people that could do the task in the same way or much better . But there is a little difference , our VIP has immense sense of confidence in his actions . VIP says everything with confidence & self-motivation . A VIP believes in what he does . So , being a normal person , all you have to do is to respect your words and your actions . I could say if you want to be a VIP , you have to respect yourself first .

By saying so , i don’t mean that you start worshipping yourself in the way world worship God . But , what I mean to say is that whatever profession you are into , just do it with full confidence and self motivation . By doing your respective work , you must feel that you are adding something to the society , to the world . You are giving back something to the world by your actions . If you start feeling such things in your mind while working , your actions are going to be more fruitful and valuable than now . Which are going to ensure that you become a VIP in your life because our life is the game of our karma (action) . We become what we act and we act what we think .



Imagine , you are a fruit seller having a small shop on roadside . Now , what you have to do is to feel like a VIP . You must feel proud of yourself that you are into a business which is in high demand of the world . Fruits are extremely important for good health and when it comes to a weak person or a patient , few fruits are like a panacea . You are selling an important thing , so you are more important or we could say a very important person . When you feel such things in your mind , you get self confidence and motivation . Which is gonna push you to gain more knowledge about this business , about fruits .

So , from here you would start to find more interest in your business and fruits , particularly in many things related to fruit business . Such thinking processes are gonna make certain changes in your personality , in your body language . Which is going to attract more and more customers and business people to you . Furthermore , which is going to ensure the growth of your business. If , you would continue to feel like a very important person . You would amaze to see that one day , you would become a VIP .


Concluding Part

By thinking in such a manner and by feeling rich , you are going to play an important part in this world . Imagine , if every professional start to think like this , from an extremely low grade job person to extremely high grade job person . If all of these people start to feel like a VIP , they are going to be a part of big revolution around the Globe . Which is going to be a positive revolution for positive change in the society . Society with no discrimination , no demotivation , no stress , no suicides and all . Everybody would be proudly happy doing their particular work . I’m sure there must be few societies in the world where every citizen is happy with their work . But , unfortunately such societies are very limited . Therefore , let we contribute something in order to increase this bar .


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