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This blog is focused on a large problem of a huge democracy of the world ‘India’ . India got independence in 1947 from British rule but there is one thing of Britishers which is still going on in India . Which is increased from time & the thing is English language . Britishers came to India , their language was English . So , they changed all government work language to English . It was not an Indian language.

Earlier, India’s native language was Sanskrit , which is also called mother language of all languages in the world . India’s all scriptures/texts is written in Sanskrit . After that , Hindi came into existence . Hindi is another one of the fine language of the world . There is no problem with English as long as people easily able to speak and write it . But the problem arises when majority of people aren’t able to speak and write it but they have to learn this language because most of the important things are only available in English.


Population Logic

According to Neeti Aayog of GOI report on 2011 , almost 69% of the total population of India is living in rural areas. According to the World Bank report on 2016, almost 67% of the total population of India is living in rural areas . In rural areas of India , people are either expert on the regional language or in national language but not in foreign language which is English .

From the above statistics , we could say that large majority of people in India are living in rural areas . This majority of people are unable to understand and speak English language properly. But they unwillingly have to go through with this language . I’m saying it because when a farmer goes to purchase seeds/fertilisers for his fields . There are warning indications , brand name and other important information written on the packet but the language is English . Due to which a farmer gets lots of difficulty to understand the product & its use .


English Medium Concept in Studies

Today , even in rural India , concept of English medium schools are growing . The parents may not know a single word of English but they expect that their children would study in English medium Schools . There is no problem to those students that have strong grip on English and understand this language deeply with its basic & root meaning of all words . But the problem arises when a student doesn’t understand or comfortable in studying or learning English . Rather if he had been given a chance of his regional or national language he would have been doing more good .

Even in cities , only few percentages of people is expert at English . Others are either forced to learn this language or they have no other option than English . When anybody studies something in the language other than his mother tongue or national language . He doesn’t get the subject as easy as in his native/national language . I’m not against English , it has its own style . My whole idea is that when you don’t know root / basic to any language , how would you grow good in that language .

Earlier , even in the Parliament House of India , politicians used to speak in English . They used to represent those people (citizens of India) that are far away from English . These Politicians used to talk in the regional language or in national language when they had to visit their voters for votes but when they had to speak in Parliament for any bill or for any discussion they always preferred English . Thanks to the government change into 2014 in India . After this , new honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has tried to change this trend . We could see him speaking in Hindi on most of the national/international platforms . Even other ministers follow him on the language choice .


View of other Countries

Most of the countries in the world give importance of their national language or regional language . You talk about China , Russia , France , Switzerland & so on . These all countries give importance of their national/regional languages . They talk , write and understand their own language more of any language in the world . Even we could see many leaders of these countries speaking in their national language on many international platforms & they use interpreters .

There are only few countries in the world which give importance to English or a foreign language . Most of these countries were ruled by Britishers . India needs to learn from other countries in order to give respect to their national/regional (मातृ भाषा) language because majority of people would be more productive & gets self motivation when they would get chance to express themselves in their own language on national/international platforms .


Respect your language

The idea is only that the more a state/country use it’s basic language in most of the concern of a country . It becomes more valuable/worthy for a country than to use a foreign language & try to expand it . Because there are thousands ways to speak out 1 thing & a person would use & know it perfectly in his rooted language . Same way , if all people of India would start respecting Hindi or their regional languages . The trend would change and we would gain much more things than now .

As far as English language is concerned in India , we are having the services of only those people that are expert at English . Now , what about those who are not able to express themselves clearly in English language and when they are unable to speak , they feel embarrassment & get de motivation . Imagine , if we have a Hindi/regional language based system , everyone of this country would be able to contribute with full confidence & with 100 percent .


Language & Motivation

We could motivate ourself in 2 ways in order to give importance of our national language . First way is when you try to learn English or any foreign language . You speak out and make mistakes and feel embarrassment . Our idea is to don’t to feel awkward . You must feel that you are speaking a foreign language and mistakes are good . Your listener would understand it easily that it’s not your primary language but you mustn’t degrade yourself by demotivating yourself . You must go on with full confidence if you’ve to speak somewhere in any foreign language . Your self motivation is important to your country because if it’s youth is in demotivation, what future could it imagine .

Second way , when somebody speaks in his regional or national language don’t make him feel degraded . As far as India is concerned it goes well in respect of Rurel areas . But when we talk about metro cities . If somebody speaks in pure Hindi language at any public place , other start looking at him surprisingly . Many of them would feel that he may be old kind of person having orthodox mentality . This crowd makes him feel that you are a strange person rather than appreciate & make him proud of himself that you respect your national language , we respect you .

It may not happen everywhere to metros & may not happen to the way i presented. But i am sure you are getting what i try to say . We need to change this in order to give respect to our mother tongue , because ultimately our hundred percent development would ensure when we would more focus on idea, not to the language in which it is spoken .

All of us should respect those who speak in the regional language or in national language . We must increase the bar of respecting such languages because these languages belong to a country . They are in the roots of a country . A person would feel hundred percent when he speaks in his regional or mother tongue .



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