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Look up in the sky & make your destiny


Many celebrities worldwide spend huge amount of money only to get peace of mind & peace in life. A peaceful mind could ensure your success & make destiny. Some go for personal yoga training, some go for personal spiritual guru, some go for personal dance studio & other go for premium vacation tour. One of their reason for doing this is to relax and feel good so to get more focus and be stress free on work. No wonder in doing something in order to get peace of mind. But, what if you don’t have much money to spend on. I have an idea which is gonna work perfectly in everyone life. Only thing you’ve to do is to look up in the sky.

Everyone in this world deserves peace of mind in order to give their hundred percent in life. No matter how rich you are, you have all the right to get peace of mind in every situation. You don’t have to spend a single penny in order to feel relax & peaceful in your life. In fact, there are so many ways which could ensure your peace of mind without spending. But, I am gonna mention a method which is extremely effective & simple. Although this isn’t very popular in society but i am sure that many of you have felt it many times. Anybody could apply this method from anywhere in the world.

The Sky Way –

Guys imagine that you are under an open sky and it is pretty pleasant summer night. Now look up in the sky, look at the stars, look at the moon and close your eyes for a while, try to feel the air. I’m sure this feeling is Price less, you couldn’t measure this by anything of the world. Now from there, you could go one step further, you are able to see a star, try to see through the start and if you ain’t able to see through it (obviously how is it possible with naked eyes) then try to imagine that what is inside the star, just play with your free mind & free thoughts, you would get so many things in your mind. Which is gonna excite you in joy and which results in complete peace of mind because your mind is free of stress now.


Weather/Season Challenge-

I guess weather/season doesn’t matter in this process. When you wanna get peace of mind and self-motivation during the day light then just look up in the sky and see the day show. You would be able to see clouds or clear blue sky. Just try to feel the nature in the way it is there. You could get billions of positive and good feelings by looking up in the sky. We are having emotional connect with the sky because we all are made up of sky (Human body is made up of 5 elements including sky one of it, this is proven in our scriptures far before science).

Even winters couldn’t stop you from this process to peace of mind. You could apply this method in daytime of winters. You would feel a bit of warm in the daytime and you would be able to see the sky better. When you have to get motivation at night in winters & you won’t be able to see the clear sky then try to feel the nature (air, fog), it has its kind of emotional powers. You could feel the peace of mind in any season of the world (Enjoy All Seasons & Feel Peace). A season changes time to time but the feeling & imagination of sky remains present.

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