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Everybody loves their natural hair , whether they are of black , brown or some other colour . But it is a nature rule that after a certain period of time or after certain changes in your body , your hair starts changing into white or grey . What if you start getting white hair at young age on your head . You couldn’t expect white hair at this stage of your life but sometimes it comes even before young age , in child age as well . Although , there are societies in the world where they don’t take such things serious in their life . But , in many societies around the globe , it becomes a serious issue for an individual & sometimes for their family as well .

It becomes an issue of society when it becomes an issue for an individual in the society . An individual is a tiny part of society . Therefore , a problem of your life is somewhere relate to society as well . So as to make the society happy and peaceful , it’s our duty to make everyone happy and peaceful . This was the prime reason why I chose such a subject to address in our journey of motivation . Let’s straight away jump on the problems of white hair at young age followed by outstanding & easy psychological treatment of it .

White Hair at Young Age - Motivation N You - Roopak Gill Blogs


The major problem is demotivation . When a youth gets to know that he is getting white hair at young age . For a while , he gets into intense stress and feel extreme demotivation . Obviously , it’s different from person to person . There are people that even don’t bother about such things but our target are those who take these things serious in their life . To get rid of this problem , we must have something to help out our youth and save them from demotivation . They must feel self-motivation and self-confidence most of the time in order to achieve something big and make the world fast progressive .

In the curiosity to get rid of white hair quickly , people spend money blindly sometimes . Actually , they waste money on such products which are of no use . Even these products are harmful , which could be one of the reason for more whiter hair or hair fall . There maybe general products available in the market which work actually but we couldn’t deny the fact of fake products in the market as well . Adding to this , sometimes people themselves become doctor and they apply their own formula for white hair treatment . They want to get rid of white hair at young age but this formula goes wrong with them . Instead of stopping white hair , it causes white hair .

Some researches say that one of the root cause for white hair is taking extreme stress on mind . When a person worries about white hair , he actually takes more stress or extra stress on mind . This way , by thinking about white hair again and again , you’re actually growing more whiter hair .

White Hair at Young Age - Motivation N You - Roopak Gill Blogs


There are many diseases related to hair in the world . Some of the diseases are genetic in nature . There is a disease in which a person gets lots of hair on his / her body at very small age . There is a disease in which a person gets white hair by birth . I got to know about few persons , who are having such sort of disease but they are super happy with their life . They don’t even think about it . They accepted happily what God has given to them . Such people don’t weep of what they don’t have , but they feel happy for what they are having . They say that God has given them all body parts working fine . If they need to feed the stomach , They have to take in from the mouth not from hair . They are actually real hero of life .

Now come back to our point . If you are getting white hair at young age , you must feel blessed . There are 3 ways –

1. You must remind the above people , who are still happy after having hair disorders unlike you .

2. Apart from this , you could think about those successful people that don’t have hair or only having white hair but still they are rocking in their field because their focus is on their work . You must take inspiration from such people & start focusing on your core area of life with the motive of giving something back to the world .

3. Gain Knowledge

Still , if you feel that you must do something for your white hair at young age problem & it’s the need of hour for you . Then , you must start searching for the right things to do with your hair . The best thing is to seeking knowledge about hair . For that , You could read different sort of stuff related to hair . You could listen to hair specialist , you could read & follow traditional treatments of hair . By doing this , you would get two perfect things . First , you would improve your knowledge by searching and reading so many things . Second , you would get some benefit of your hair as well because when you do something with dedication it gives your results , positive results .

White Hair at Young Age - Motivation N You - Roopak Gill Blogs

Concluding Part

This was just an example in the form of white hair treatment . There are many more problems with our life like this , which we are aware of but don’t have any perfect idea of its cure . We could find solutions to those problems as well . I’ve presented only limited Solution to white hair treatment , there could be many more . I wish that you find such ideas yourself and keep your life happy and peaceful . This blog shows that our thinking process matter a lot in life . When we think right , we become right .

We could extract another learning from this blog that , in general , we think more negative of a small negative and make that small negative a big negative . Instead , We must think big positive about that small negative , later on we are gonna find that the small negative have become positive . I am sure , now you’re ready to deal with ‘white hair at young age’.


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