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There are leaders in every field, there are legends in every work area. When you have interest in a particular area, most of the time you think of the legend of that area. You dream to become him, that one day you’ll be that skilful or famous as the legend of that field. It’s like if you want to become a scientist/inventor, few names are always in your mind like Newton, Einstein, Aryabhatta and so on. Same way, if you want to become a cricketer than you thinks of Sir Don Bradman or God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar and so on. Similarly, there are always few names on the top in every field or interest area.

First Situation

By remembering these legends you start your day and end your day. You give your hundred percent all day long and work with full honesty and dedication. All along there is always a legend that is in your mind all the time. But what if you don’t become him or you don’t get success in that particular area. You go in deep stress, negative thoughts start to come in your mind. It feels like there is no future now. You may start another venture but somewhere you always feel regret to not be successful in your dream field & not to become like your legend of your interests area, this is first situation.


Second Situation

In second situation, you daydream all the time in whatever work you are into. You always dream to be popular and wealthy overnight by doing nothing. You just don’t value your life at all, instead you always imagine to become someone else. Your choice never was permanent, it changes time to time. It’s like if you are watching an influential speech of any political leader, you think to become him. The next moment, when you watch a footballer hitting a superb goal, you wish to become a footballer. Same way you hear something, you want to become something and you keep changing your choice. Now, we are having these two situations, there is one thing in common that at the end of both situations you feel down and sad, you don’t feel happy at all.

I am having a sentence which is gonna make you feel self motivation in a fraction of seconds. This sentence is gonna remove all hurdles of your mind quickly. This is such a powerful sentence, which is going to transform you from a sad person to all excite and happy man within couple of seconds. The more you think about the sentence, the more you get self motivation and confidence in your life. It worked in my life so many times. I’m sure it is going to work in your life as well. You may have heard similar kind of things in your life but my motive is to think it seriously for a couple of times & try to fix it in your mind.


The Sentence

You dream to become someone else, there are people that dream to become you

I’m sure many of you have already got my idea and feeling motivation, self-motivation. This sentence is really true because there are always bunch of people, group of people, categories of people who seek a lifestyle in which you are right now. You may be extremely poor but still there are many categories of our society which are more degraded than you. I believe, even a beggar could influence some people in the world. There are people who dream to be a beggar in their life than what they are right now. You may not agree on this at the moment but keep thinking, you are gonna find the answer yourself.


For eg –

It’s like, if you are having a bike and you dream to have a car. But when you ride your bike through out the way there are many people, they could be hawkers, they could be roadside children’s or other people that dream to have a bike and ride like you. So, in a way you are inspiring others, they want to live your life. But the problem is, you don’t enjoy you because you dream to live someone else life. The cycle goes like this but what if you understand the thing that whatever you are having right now is something worthy for you. Instead of just dreaming about things, you must enjoy your well being & do your karma (action).

The Concluding Part

Now, when someone is there to follow us, why not to set some standards/benchmark for them so as to make their & our life more better and peaceful. Even it becomes our responsibility to bring some quality in our life in order to make those lives a quality life that is following us & who dream to become us. By thinking so that there is someone that wants to become me or who wants to live my life, which I am living now, you feel proud of yourself & immense self-confidence.

Which results in no worries, no stress in your mind. Even, you start to enjoy your life and you have an opportunity to give something to the world, by bring something good in your life, which is going to come from your actions. So, after all you are focused on your actions, which should be the ultimate goal of your life. What’s the point in loosing yourself by becoming other when you could inspire others by remain you.


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