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Get Inspiration While in Body Pain

Almost everybody in this world have experienced one or other sort of body pain in their life. There are many kinds of body pain. Some are permanent, some are temporary. I’m talking about temporary body pain, when you get headache, stomachache, eyes, ears, arm, back & other parts of body pain or when you get dehydration, diarrhoea and so on. You could imagine the situation when you last got such a body pain. Try to feel it at the moment.

It’s like whenever you get any sort of body paining, you just don’t like anything. You don’t like eating, drinking, talking, thinking, dreaming. You only like to have a relax sleep but the pain doesn’t allow you to sleep peacefully. Sometimes, you just get extreme anger. You think that someone should come and get you away from this pain. It’s like if you are having a headache, you just think to cut it out from your life. Sometimes, you just imagine that someone just cut away the pain from your head in hard form. It’s just imagination, we get such sort of feelings in physical discomfort. Overall, we just want to get away from pain as soon as possible.


Pain & Inspiration

Obviously, pain in any part of body is an unfortunate thing. But what if this body pain could motivate you, it could inspire you to do something in your life. It could inspire you to chase your dreams in your life and give something back to the world. Whenever you get any body suffering in your life, you become more stronger than earlier. For this, you have to take care of only a thing, which i am going to discuss later in this blog. Imagine, if you would be able to get inspiration & self motivation from pain in your life. It would make our life more energetic, exciting and comfortable to live. If everybody in this world would see their pain in another view, then the world would see difference in its functioning.

What To Do

Guys, you may agree that whenever you get into pain, you get many feelings. One of those feeling is that when you get well, you would do this & that. I’m sure everybody get such feelings when they go through any body pain. You get tremendous spirit of doing something and you think that if it hadn’t been pain, you would have been doing  something great in your life.

Now, what all you’ve to do is to keep this feeling & commitment in your life. When you are fine working, you have to remember your suffering days for sometime. You must think that “You had gone for body suffering/any kind of illness for a temporary period or for few days & you desired to working a lot, but you were helpless that time. Right now, you are absolutely fine, then why not to start action right away”. When you think in such a way, you get all inspiration and motivation to do something great in your life.

Now, think of those who are bed ridden for most of the years of their life or those who are physically disabled (in Hindi दिव्यांग). Even they have done many outstanding things in their life. The proof is Paralympic Games & many other examples. They are truly inspiration in front of this world. They forget their weakness and work with their strength, they are the true heroes. Now, those who are absolutely fine with their body must evoke these things and get inspiration.


Ending Note

After thinking in such a way, you are going to be fulfilled from immense self motivation and inspiration. You would be able to see the path of your life & destination at the end of it. I guess, now onwards your body pain is going to become special for you. It is gonna become one of the reason to inspire you. I’ve presented a way/view to see things. I never advocate or make fun of suffering. Therefore i believe, my readers are going to take this blog in the sense it should be taken. Don’t forget to drop me a line after experience the suggested process in your life.



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