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Become Selfish & Get Motivation

We consider selfishness as a negative attribute of a person . You may have seen a politician calling his opposition party / leader selfish . By saying selfish , they try to put the opposition leader in the negative light . In general , a man gets angry when he is called as a ‘Selfish person’ from others because we always take selfishness in the negative light . We see selfishness at many work places where one thinks that others are selfish people & doing something with self motive . Selfishness is one of the main reason of dispute between two parties . You may have seen many organisations having their slogans something like ‘selfless service’ only to make their way different . They show to the world that they aren’t selfish people & working without the motive of selfishness .

Selfishness is the situation when a person thinks of self first and remaining things come after that for him . For instance , imagine few people come together for a particular social cause . After some time , a main member of that organisation go out of the organisation for personal benefit . Here , he is supposed to called as a selfish man because he didn’t leave his personal motive / benefit for the sake of the motive of the organisation . Such examples are present in every field of the world . We could say that sometimes , people take decisions with selfishness involved in it & get a tag of selfish people .

Our way of looking at this is totally different . We urge to become selfish people and once you become selfish , you’re going to get immense self motivation but there is a condition attached to it . After following this condition , the habit of selfishness is going to be good for you . Even , You are going to get self-motivation and confidence by becoming selfish in this way . After a while , this world is going to appreciate your selfishness provided you follow the condition unconditionally .

The Condition

Become selfish for the progress of world , for the true progress of you .

Earlier , you used to become selfish for yourself only . Where you think about yourself all the time before everything , people start degrading you in society . Which could be a reason for your stress in your life . In general , few indicators of selfish people are (which is considered in many societies) – less talk to others , privacy in even small things & so on . So , while you start working in your spare time for the betterment of world . In natural means , you won’t have time to see other people & talk to them .

But , when you apply our condition and show selfishness for the progress of society . When you work to improve future of us in a way or other , people are going to appreciate your efforts after a certain period of time . When they would understand that you ignore others but for the betterment of others . They would start respecting you more than ever . Which is going to be a reason for immense self-motivation for you . Which is the highest earning of living , I guess .

It may be possible , that in starting people may start calling you a selfish man & ignore you many times . But , the act which you are engaged in , which is for the betterment of world is going to reflect it’s result slowly in the society . Once it will reach to people , they are going to change their opinion for you . They are going to understand the motive behind your selfish like behaviour . Here , I’m not just talking about to do social work or to be engage in social works but you could serve the world to make it more better in many ways . It is not possible for me to discuss all the ways . Also , there are ways which are far from my reach , my reach of thoughts . But , which could be possible for you . So I’m going to discuss a situation/e.g. to become selfish and get self-motivation .


For Eg .

Imagine , You are a working professional & gets one holiday in each week . Apart this , you get one hour spare with you everyday , when you don’t have any work to do . Now , you are concerned about the world and you know that in couple of years there is going to be shortage of water in many countries of the world . Caring about it , You start research about how to save water . There could be many measures for it & one way is Rain Water Harvesting . The process may be costly for many but you research more in order to find ways to make Rain Water Harvesting process affordable for everyone . For that , You start experimenting and study a lot . Whatever time you get , You spend in this process to make it possible for you and for society .

Your vision is to save more and more water on earth in order to make the living of our future generation better . All along , You have to ignore other things to make your vision possible . It could be family things , It could be friends . On holiday , you were supposed to visit your relatives but you choose to give time for your vision . You don’t go to visit your relatives , instead you work for your dream . Due to which , it is possible that differences would come up between you and your relatives . They would think and count you in selfish people . Same problem could happen to your family , friends or with others in your circle because now you have no time for them instead you give time for your vision . Actually , you are giving time for them but indirectly .


Concluding Part

Now , you’ve come in the category of selfish people for the world but you must proud of yourself that you are a selfish but for a harmonious purpose . Which is good for humanity , for future generation , for every single person who is calling you a selfish . Your actions and vision are going to reflect one day in the society because every action has a reaction . The world is going to know your right doing behind your selfishness . They’re going to appreciate it with both hands . This is why we say that become selfish and feel self-motivation .

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