How to Get Confidence – Special Technique

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Many of you may be in the habit of observing things . A couple of days back , I observed something which help us in ‘How to Get Confidence’. The observation is that whenever you get more knowledge for a particular subject , you feel supreme & get confidence . Further if you add more knowledge about the same subject in your mind you feel more confident . With this feeling of superiority , you feel more powerful & confident than earlier . You feel a sort of richness inside you , richness of thoughts . When your thoughts are rich , you are rich .

Imagine , You are in an era when cars weren’t launched but somewhere in the world , the technology was introduced , that something like a car could be made . So , once a time , you get to know about an ordinary motor car for the first time in your life . Somewhere in your mind , you think that you’re one of those fewer who know this . So , you get confidence because you know about a new thing . In couple of months , you see that car . So you start feeling more supreme . 

Same way , when you get to know about luxury cars , it’s airbags and other technical modifications . Again , you feel wonderful and confident of all because you get to know about a new thing . After sometime , when you get to know about driverless car , again you start feeling super confident and happy from inside . In all these situations , you think that you are one of those few people that are getting this information in advance or before going popular in public . Whenever you’ve such moments in your life . You feel superior to you & feel richness in all . Such feelings give you an answer of ‘How to Get Confidence’.


How to Get Confidence | Special Technique - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You


Another Scenario

This method works in another way as well . When you get knowledge of a field other than your own profession , you feel supreme . Imagine , you are a Management Professional and somewhere you get knowledge about medical . This piece of knowledge is not commonly popular . At this moment , you get confidence because you have knowledge of other fields as well so it’s good for you and you start feeling different from others . In this way , we could say that when you get a new knowledge of any profession/working area , you feel supreme and motivated . Only thing is that you notify the moment & doesn’t ignore it . To know ‘how to get confidence’ is going to be pretty easy with such technique .


Bonus Points

  • It’s like whenever a cricketer makes new record . All along , he learns so many things and with every new learning , he feels supreme & get more and more confidence and motivation .
  • It’s like a detective keep finding new clues to a case & with every clue , he gets more close to his target and he become more confident . He cracks all clues one by one & finally he cracks that case .


How to Get Confidence | Special Technique - Motivational Blogs - Motivation N You

Concluding Part

It was just one observation for how to get confidence . I may expect that many of you as well have felt in such a way . There could be other possible ways which are similar to our method . Now , when you could feel motivation & confidence by getting new knowledge/information about something , then why to wait to gain knowledge .

Let’s we make our habit in such a way that we gain relevant knowledge to enhance our confidence level . Once you make your mind that you are open to new knowledge in your life , you are going to get millions opportunities for it . I’m sure that once you get new knowledge , you wouldn’t only feel supreme and confident but you are going to gain so many other valuable things as well .


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