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Summer Holidays & Motivation

Students are the future not only for their families and society but for the entire world . Students of today are going to shape the world tomorrow . Therefore , students always need extra teaching/activities/task other than school and study in order to get a perfect base of their lives . It is the duty of parents to make sure that their children get some additional motivation apart from studies . But when we look into the time schedule of students life , they are already packed with fixed task . Whether it’s schooling , homework , tuition , playing and so on . There isn’t much time left for additional task in their day-to-day life except summer holidays .

Summer vacations (or seasonal/after exams vacations , vacations time & name vary from country to country) are the most enjoyable part as far as students are concerned . They wait for summer holidays since they take admissions for new session nearby March or April . Students have almost 1 month to 1 and half month free during summer holidays . Although they get homework for summer holidays but still they have much free time available in a day during these vacations . Therefore , a student or their parents could make a perfect to do list for students during summer holidays in order to make them more stronger mentally , physically & emotionally . I have come up with few methods , few things which a student could go for and add some value in his/her life .


Visit Somewhere

An outside visit is a must need for students in summer holidays to get relax & fun . It helps in the growth of mind and body . While choosing the destination , parents must see that which destination is going to impact positively in their children’s life . You could choose water parks , summer camps , heritage or other tourist destination . Try to give factual and true information about the heritage which you visit because such information is going to play an important part in their mind .

When we experience something in real , We remember it for more time and that remains more close to our heart and mind . I don’t say here to only focus on the destination from the point of view of learning . Fun is equally needed as knowledge in student’s life . So , the water park could be the best option where they get stress free environment along with fun of summer holidays . Apart from these , a student must play something everyday to remain fit physically & mentally . A student must prefer outdoor playing , it could be any sport .

Reading Habit / Visual Learning

Books are meant to be perfect friend of us because they have no demands , no restrictions . You could learn as much as you want from books . If you just open a book and close it down without reading a single page , it won’t complain you . The other hand , you open a book and read it for couple of hours , the book won’t say that it needs rest . Books could make change in your personality without making fun of you . If there is something wrong with you , books have the power to change it without making you feel down . Therefore , reading habit could make a tremendous change in students .

Books of all age groups are available in the market . You could choose according to your children’s age . Students could go for those books which give them inspiration & motivation for their life in summer holidays . Therefore , a book could be an autobiography of world leaders or motivational stories , fiction or non-fiction & so on . In case a student has no interest in books , then you could go through with another method which is audio visual . We understand more & early what we see & hear . A student may not remind what he read from books a week back but he could remember very well any movie which he had seen 6 months back .

We remember more what we see and hear in comparison of what we read . In this Digital era , video viewers are increasing rapidly so as readers are falling down because readers are shifting to watch videos . Now , students could watch those videos or graphical representation (Motivational & Inspiring) which are going to help them somewhere in their life . This way , students are gonna get something productive & useful in their summer holidays , which is going to fill them with immense motivation & self confidence .


Spiritual Enhancement Through Different Ways

Another perfect way to do something for students during summer holidays is spiritual enhancement . Parents or student himself must engage themselves is something spiritual which is going to make positive change in their life . Spiritual enhancement or a base of spirituality is extremely important specially in today’s world where Artificial Intelligence is dominating humans & it is going to increase time to time & day by day . Spirituality is necessary for self control of a person & make him self realise his duties and responsibilities for the world .

There could be certain ways to gain spirituality in summer holidays . It could be visiting any spiritual place in the world . I am sure there are many sort of spiritual places in all parts of this world . Another way is to take spiritual knowledge through books . In this digital era , spirituality is easy available on Internet as well in the form of videos , audios & content . Spirituality is going to bring emotional maturity in a person . Student life is the best time to nurture your best & the transformation which could be done in this stage is going to help throughout your life .


Home Teaching

Many parents often say that they don’t get time to talk to their child . Whenever they get time , their children’s are either busy with their studies and schools or playing somewhere . Therefore , summer holidays are the best time to talk to your child & to give quality time together . Home teaching doesn’t mean the academic teaching but this is the teaching to nurture your child through establishing a set of thought process in them . It could be done through fiction or non-fictional stories . Nothing better if you verbally recite these stories . Stories of ancient times , which were having involvement of ethical living , honesty and value system , which we are lacking today .

Apart from this , You could motivate them by telling something of your experience of different sort , which could help your children in their life . Tell them about the nation you are living in , the history part of it . I am sure , every country has brave history of its kind . Just try to make them a right human being , teach them the lesson of humanity in coming summer holidays . Your target is just to install a perfect value system in them . Student age is the perfect age to install any system . Once they install it properly , they’re going to use it for rest of their life .

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