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Craze of live events is always there in our society & the trend of live events was there in our history. In earlier decades as well, people used to enjoy live events. However, complete format of live events was different to compare to today’s live events. Technology, culture, people get advance time to time so are the live events. Live events are not meant to only cities but they are having a strong presence in rural areas as well. You could see many cultural programmes of any particular rural area are being performed time to time in Rurel Areas. But in cities live events are having varieties. You could observe many sort of live sports playing in a metropolitan city. Apart from that there are many musical concerts, acting concerts, art & environment related programmes. Adding to this, there are festivals, exhibitions and so on.

Guys tell me, what is the first thing which comes in your mind when you think of live events. I guess, the popular things which come in your mind are enjoyment, fun, cheer like this. If you got to know that you would be to a live event tomorrow. You would start making yourself ready for the event. You go there & have fun there, eat food and take selfies and come back. What if I say that these live events could be a reason to achieve your dreams and be successful in your life. What if these live events are going to inspire you largely. I guess nothing better than when you get success in enjoyment, when you get inspiration behind enjoyment.



The Working

When you experience any live event, there are many moments when you feel goosebumps. These goosebumpses is going to excite you. You could do two things now, either ignores goosebumps or use goosebumps for motivation. To know more for motivation from goosebumps, your could go for my another blog, which is Use goosebumps for Motivation & Success. There are many moments in a live event, when you feel that you must have done something great so you would’ve been there on the stage or on the field along with the star/player, who is performing/playing in front of you.

So, what all you have to do is just to keep this feeling for maximum time for your life. Whenever you get such feeling, just try to fix it somewhere in your mind. In future, when you get demotivation or you face any stress in your life or even in the exciting time of your life just try to remember that moment which is fixed in your mind. By remembering of this moment, you would remember so many things which would push you for self motivation and success in your life.


About the moment in live events 

You would wonder that what’s so special to this moment. This moment is special because it is related to the dream of your life somewhere. When you feel such a moment that you should do something great in your life. Along with this, you also get some feelings which are attached to your work, to your skills, to your dream of your life. I mean to say, when you get a feeling that you have to do something great in your life, at this time you also get a feeling that what could you do or what should you do.

Then, you get your plus points like your interest or skill. Then, you try to make a point that you must go in this direction in order to achieve something in your life. When your decision is strong, you start working towards that goal and achieve your dream. So, try to just fix this moment in your mind and make it so strong that whenever you feel diverted from the dream of your life, you immediately get back those feelings (moments) which are going to re track you in your life.

For e.g.

1. Let me give you few real examples of live events where we could get plenty of moments to get inspiration and feel great. Use this inspiration to get success in your life. Guys if you are a cricket fan, you must aware of that moment when Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes off six balls to Stuart Broad. This was the perfect example when everybody got goosebumps. Even those who were watching the live match on television at home, they felt extreme excitement for a moment. I am sure that everybody got such feelings that they must do something great in their life & to be like Yuvraj Singh.

2. Referring another cricket example when Sachin Tendulkar was delivering his farewell speech after his last international match. Everybody got very emotional and somewhere they got the feeling that a life must be like of Sachin Tendulkar. You struggle and struggle hard and live your dreams at the end. So, when you keep such feelings for maximum time for your life, your life become better and easy. You feel rich in your thoughts, then from your actions. These moments transform excitement, sportsmanship, momentum from one person to mass audience.

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Another Example

3. Same way, when you watch a new release movie in movie theatre/Multiplex. You get inspirational moments so many times in a movie. Which could motivate you to lead the world provided you use that feeling for the right time in your life. We could get inspirational moments from movies many times because movie releases every week. You get plenty of chances of self inspiration & self-motivation. It’s all about your imagination power that how does you use your imagination power. Here, i don’t want to name out movies because there are plenty of movies. You yourself find those movies which are having such scenes/moments which forces you for instant reaction. Sometimes, you stand up from your seat or you start crying or sometimes you hold your fist.

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Concluding Part

Now onwards, whenever you get a chance to be a part of any live event. Try to have this prospective and enjoy the event. After practising this process for quite a few times, you would experience some tremendous change in your life. Which is a positive change, which is going to make your life successful and peaceful. Earlier, your motive to attend a live event was only to have fun and enjoy there. But now you’ve added another motive along with enjoyment which is self-motivation and get inspiration from live events. You could use your imagination and make some changes in this process according to your life. Carry on the way where you feel progress to You, for Society, for The World.



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