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Advantages of Internet 

In this fast life , we start using Internet from the moment we wake up for a day . Which goes through out the day till we hit the hay at night . It doesn’t matter that which device we use Internet on but we get into such devices for surfing internet . Most of the time , We engage with few apps which are the most popular these days . Which are the prime connection to connect to our friends . The situation is something like , If we get away from such apps for more than a certain time depends on our internet using habits , We start feeling strange & feel that we have lost something important of our life .

When we talk about today’s youth even children , They get into internet & spend their important time of the day . Whether they play games , watch movies or use Internet for their homework , academics . They use Internet devices for all these purposes . There are many studies / researches available on different sources , which says that Internet is a big addiction and it could ruin your life completely if you don’t use it in the right way . I’m sure , many of you’ve experienced it already in your life , when you’ve used Internet to excess limit over your Internet habit . Even doctors/psychiatrists don’t allow to use Internet in certain condition of the patient because it could be the reason for many brain problems .

On the other hand , Internet is the need of the hour as well . People find using Internet a great help in their life whether it’s personal , professional or social life . We could use technology to get anything right away at our doorstep . Not only Internet but everything of this world has pros and cons . Same way, there are advantages of Internet & dis-advantages as well . Now , It’s our responsibility to know the right manner of using things & ensure use for self-improvement not for self destruction . Therefore , I have come up with three important ways in which you could use Internet for your self-improvement and progress . Let’s take on these – Advantages of Internet 

To Know Self Identity – Advantages of Internet 

First and foremost thing to use Internet for self-improvement is to use it to know self identity . Now , there could be many ways for self identity on Internet . One way is to search out your roots that where did you come from . Where did your ancestors use to live . Here , I am not talking about 3-5 generations back . I’m talking about ancient times , the world which was totally different from today’s world . But still they used to use all things with logic and science behind it . Just try to know that what was the lifestyle , what was the thought process , what was their motives for the future of society or what was their health secret . What did they eat , what did they drink . What was the process of preparing food without the use of today’s technology .

Another way to know self identity is to know the essential things of your state / society . It could include that you know the proper meaning of national anthem of your country . You must know the meaning of national song of your state . You must know the general history about your country that when did it came into existence . What was the motive behind the state existence . You must aware about the leaders that fought for your state . Likewise , You could know many more things related to your state , patriotism . Why am I saying to know about such things because it gives you lots of knowledge to know your state more . Which would ensure a better living because the National Anthem , Songs or other Artistic development shows and reflect overall atmosphere of your state.


Advantages of Internet For Your Future 

Another important use of Internet for self-improvement could be to use Internet for your future . You could get great help from Internet to mould your future not only in terms of your profession but also in terms of your personal / family life . Through Internet , You could know & get an idea about the technologies which are going to be in trend after 10 / 20 years . You’re going to get an idea about other advancement which are going to happen after certain periods of time for your particular industry or working area . By knowing such things , you could start preparing yourself for tomorrow . All along , You could get an idea from the Internet about the cultural behaviour of society after a long period of time , Let’s say after 10 years or 15 years . Which would impact directly on your personal / family life .

Imagine , If you know that after 10 years , education system would be in such a way . This way , You could mentally prepare yourself and your children accordingly to face that era & win over it . Adding to this , when you know about the resources which are going to be limited tomorrow , you could start preserving that resources till your limits . Internet could play a vital role in giving you the important statistics of the world to know the right scenario of all resources . Even , you are going to find many ways to protect these resources on internet . Now , It’s your duty to use your consciousness to modify the idea & implement for your future , for the future of your world .


Advantages of Internet For Social Curiosity

This way of self-improvement is quite exciting . There are many situations in our life when we see something & gets curious to know more about that thing . In such situations Internet fits perfectly . It’s like , when you are riding in a Metro Train , You see a unique piece of CCTV inside metro , which you never see before . You get curious to know more about it . You just go on the Internet and get the relevant information . There , You would get the knowledge about the company which manufacture such devices or which components do they use to build it or other information of your interest .

This is just an imaginary situation , you could know about anything which you like the most socially . Speaking of today’s digital era , Information is not only limited to product or services even you could know about the people around you . There are many apps developed & modified in today’s technological era . Which gives you information about the people nearby you . Anyways , You are going to get two benefits out of it . First , You fulfil your curiosity , second , You enhance knowledge of several areas .

This article describes 3 best Advantages of Internet

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