Blog 24

Guys tell me something today that when all you get goosebumps. I’m sure there could be many occasions, moments when you get goosebumps and the interesting thing is that we never sure about the time. You never know when you go through goosebumps. Sometimes, you get goosebumps when you are very excite, sometimes when you are very sad. There is no fixed time for goosebumps. When you try to get goosebumps, maybe you won’t get it that time. But when you don’t even remember about goosebumps, you may get at that moment.

Now, there could be many moments for goosebumps. It could be when you become ill, the time you are in physical or mental pain. Most of the time when you are having cold or flu. But there are other times as well, which are not associated with illness. Which could be the reason for your immense motivation and success in your life provided you pick them at the right time and willing to use them for yourself.

These moments could be when you watch a movie, just in the middle of any scene you go through a strong goosebumps. Most of these times, you feel to do something. You feel very excited because you forget yourself. You think of the character which is going on in front of your eyes and you become another one. Same way, when you watch any sports, it could be football, cricket, kabaddi or any one. You get goosebumps when you see a sort of charismatic performance or any excitement in that particular sports. Like movie, here also you become another one (for e.g. a fan) & feels like a sportsman.



Goosebumps & Success

Let me now jump on our prime question of this blog that how are you gonna get success through goosebumps. We already discussed above that when we watch a movie or any sports or similar kind of things, we get strong goosebumps. When we see or feel strong motivational things, we get these. So, all these times when you feel goosebumps, just try to remind that one dream of your life which you think many times a day. This dream could be your individual, personal or social as well. Sometimes you dream for Society, for the world, for the universe, for humanity. So, just try to think your dream at the moment & try to divert the motivation which you get from the goosebumps, to this dream.

I’m not saying that this is any magic or this is going to give you success on the tip of your fingers. But my idea is – the more you get goosebumps, the more you think about your dream, the more you get close to work on the dream & when you get close to work on the dream, the more you work on the dream and our work is done here. We just have to work more and more for our dream. This is how it goes guys. Only you have to think something (your dream) which is peaceful, harmonious for you and for the world. It couldn’t be negative in any sense, so your dream must for the construction of the world, not for the destruction of the world.

Concluding part

Now onwards, whenever you get any goosebumps just don’t let it go away as a waste. This is something powerful and could be useful for you. How could you let anything go away which is useful for your life, for your success. So, from next time try to find more and more ways for motivation. As a result, you get more and more goosebumps. The more goosebumps, the more chances of your success and your dream must be big. You find it yourself that what could be a big dream for you. If this plan of action is gonna work in your life, don’t forget me to comment on this & share your experience.


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