Blog 51

The time when you have so many thoughts in your mind and you are unable to handle all the thoughts in a time , it becomes a stress on you . This is called a stress situation . When you have empty mind , there is no thought and you have all new brains . You could start with new thought of mind , which is worthy for you . Such situation is called refreshing situation for you . In this blog , i’m going to talk about super easy and creative way to feel refresh and that even quickly . For this method , you have to go out from your home but you don’t need to spend money to experience it . It is possible that you may laugh at the first moment after knowing the method . But I’m sure it’s quite effective in order to empty your mind quickly , provided you feel it and live it .

Here We Go

The method is extremely simple and known , but we don’t give any attention to it . I’m sure you have experienced it many times . But most of you never used it in order to empty your mind or feel refresh . In this method , what all you have to do is to go to railway station or railway crossing & see a train passing by . Just try to focus on the train , hear it’s humming sound and see the huge train passing in front of your eyes . Once you do this , you are all done . A train takes couple of seconds or a minute or 2 to cross by from there . So , this all time your concentration is on the train because of probably 3 reasons . 

1. Visualisation – You see a huge mode of transport in front of you

2. Sound – Loud humming sound of Train Engine & it’s coaches 

3. Physical Feel – You feel a strong blow of air like a storm when a train pass you.


Therefore , your all thoughts in your mind are going to be vanished quickly . After passing by train you could start with a new thought , a productive thought . I could say now your mind is in your control . You could install whatever is worthy of you in your mind . You could experience it by standing on the railway station but make sure that the train doesn’t stop/halt . If it stops then you may not experience it in the way it should be , because you get more attraction when the train pass by in speed and you feel it exciting .

By the way I am talking about heavy trains which make lots of noise/sound . Although you could experience it by looking to rapid transit mode of trains like metro train . Which makes less noise but it has its own attraction . Our motive is to focus our mind on attractive things because when we have something attractive in front of us we don’t have to work hard in order to focus our mind , it happens automatically .


Other Modes

Same way , you could follow other modes of transport as well like if you stay near airport you could see aeroplanes landing and taking off . It could be another method to empty your mind quickly and focus on the particular thing . An aeroplane has its sound/noise , which could be hear to a long distance . Aeroplane itself is very huge , which is another point of attraction . When we see aeroplanes on airports , it’s always attractive because we get a rich feel & thinks it as one of the rich mode of transport .

Another mode of transport could be ships at port . When you stay near to a seaport , you could get this done . You see a ship , It’s a huge architect and when it flows in the water , it looks beautiful . So , you have something attractive in order to focus your mind . You just see it for couple of minutes and your all mind stress is gone away because you find something attractive in front of your eyes .


Ending Note

I have shared only three modes of transport and you could find it on particular places only . You could search for other modes of transport which are easily available in your area & which could help in the same manner as above . My motives is only that why doesn’t / didn’t we take everything for our progress , for the progress of society . The way of progress is , when you control thoughts in your mind because ultimately the base of progress is your thoughts . So , you have to work on the base in order to see a beautiful building on it .

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