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You must have heard from people that return from travel and saying that i exhausted & tired of my travelling. Many often says that my travelling was plain boring & i didn’t enjoy it. Some would say that I got ill in my travelling. I know guys, these are the few common feelings of travellers. At the same time I would say that many people are aware of boredom and tiredness of travelling. So, they carry few things along with them to enjoy themselves while travelling. In this digital era, many travellers plan in advance that which movies/telecast they are gonna watch during their travelling time. Those travelling in groups would plan to play Ludo, Chess or Cards.

There are many products available in the market which focus to give you comforts during travelling. One of such product is a travelling pillow or we could say it an air pillow. Which supports the neck & gives relief from tiredness. I’ve an idea by following which you don’t have to carry anything in order to give you comfort and escape you from boredom & tiredness in the travelling. The best part of this idea is that  you could gain knowledge along with happy and exciting travelling. This idea is completely free of cost, easy and simple to follow. Only thing required to apply this idea is travelling, i mean you have to travel somewhere. Get set ready for the idea below:

The Idea

Whenever you travel at/through somewhere just make a habit which is ‘talk to people around you’. Specially when you travel in public or city transport, try to have a conversation with the drivers or co passengers. Talking to drivers is possible for you when you travel in taxis and autos sort of transport services. I don’t say to disturb them but my idea is that they are local people. So, you could get information/knowledge of that place through them and this way you are having chance to gain knowledge. Speaking of knowledge, it could help you any time in your life as knowledge never goes in vain.

When you talk to people, you involved in something. When you are involved in something, there is no room for boredom, tiredness in that moment. You never know that which dialogue of the other person could help you largely in your life. You don’t know that the person next to you is having how much knowledge and experience of life. While talking to people, you could even discuss some debatable topics as well in order to arrive at a conclusion for those topics in which you don’t have clarity. By doing so, you would achieve two things, first you would pass your time in no time. Second, somewhere you would gain knowledge/information which could help you any time for your life.


International Travelling

The habit of sharing thoughts and opinions becomes more powerful and exciting when you do it in your International Traveling. Every international traveller once become first time traveller to a particular country. That time he is unaware of most of the things of the country where he is heading to. One option to get aware is to talk to someone that is having experience of that country, where you are planning to go. Another option is to go to Internet and find about the country. Our option is to land in the country & have dialogues with the local people of the country. By doing so, you would get the clear picture about the country, about their culture, rules, regulation & other useful things, which you need to know. You’ve to open your mouth and have dialogues with even unknown persons but you must aware of ill elements of society.

Idea Formation

The idea was formed when i experienced it in one of my travelling, i talked a lot to auto drivers. I found it one of the best idea to apply for travelling to stay happy & make others happy. So, I got feeling to share it with the world. This is one of the best idea to apply while travelling alone. When you don’t have anyone with you, you expect to talk with someone.

Conversation with people in travelling must be a part of our habits. It teaches you lots of things & make you more mature as a traveler & as a person. You must find interest in having dialogues with people irrespective of there acquaintance with you. I don’t say to talk to just anybody in the world but every time we see people, we get a fair idea that which sort of person is she/he. So, just talk to others in order to make your travelling much more exciting and amazing than usual.



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