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As far as our life is concerned, we are totally surrounded by Machines. You go to any part of the world. You are gonna find that use of Machine Intelligence (MI) is increasing day by day. The work which needs human efforts is going down so are the problems are growing up in a way. You see, in every sector of life machines are taking over human efforts. Be it kitchen there is use of technology, there is use of machines for body exercise, there is use of machines for work, there is use of machines for taking shower, so technology is rapidly growing in this world.

Many health experts have started to say that in another couple of years, you will see cancer patient one in every four or five people throughout the world. The main cause would be changing habits of life from human efforts to machines. Machines are helpful to an extent but when we don’t know the limits and keep relying on machines and forget our needed actions, which are required for a happy & peaceful life, it becomes a serious concern for the future of human beings. The use of technology in excess creates many problems, which are physical, psychological, biological & others. Even just couple of days back famous physicist Stephen Hawking’s warned that the use of artificial intelligence could kill human beings. I highlighted that in my blogs you could find it on this link.

Life & Technology

I guess you all are already aware that how technology could be dangerous for human life if not used in the manner it should be using. Let’s take mobile phones, we know about its radiation affects. A phone has low or high radiations which could affect our health badly, not instantly but slowly. We couldn’t reduce our human effort to 0. Human effort is very very necessary for a healthy and good life.

Now look into a kitchen, there are so many machine equipments/tools in kitchen which reduce all human efforts. I’m not against the product, they were made with a certain vision. But these are consumers (we) which I blame for. It’s a human tendency, when we see facility, we see our comfort and we forget about the need of action/human effort’s and this is what a matter of concern. Now the question arises what to do, we couldn’t leave this technology part in our life just like that. Even I don’t say to stop using technology in your life. Artificial Intelligence (Machine Intelligence) is quite necessary sometimes. I’ve another solution and it is not a new thing for you as well, follow the solution below.


Our Idea

Guys you may know that how our ancestors, earlier generations used to live. There was no technological advancement unlike today but they were having solution to each and every problem. They were having home based remedies for all problems of their life. You could see any senior citizen of 80 or 90 years old, see their living style. If they have short cut (machine technology) to do any work. You would wonder they don’t except it. They still do their part in the way they used to do, which were having more human effort. Now, you would surprise that at this old age why the hell they are not accepting technology. They are happy to finish their work in the old effort based way because they know it very well that the best ways of living are given in our roots.

We have to look back in our roots in order to have a brilliant and peaceful life. We just couldn’t ignore our roots in any generation. I understand it’s a technological era, it’s a digital era. But, still we’ve to remind that excess of everything is bad. Our focus is just on to develop technology day by day, but we hardly have any debate on its limits. Today access to those technologies is quite easy which could be extremely dangerous for human life. Now, it’s the high time, when we’ve to look back in our roots. I don’t say to copy everything from past but we have to decide that which things to take back from roots & which things we’ve to do with the help of technology. After all, we are human brain, so we must find the best way of living from our intelligence.

Ending Note

So guys, now onwards try to find best alternative to each and every general task of your life. Keep experimenting with the things in your life. Compare results & find out that which is the best thing you should use. For this you have to research more and more in your life of what you eat, what you wear, where you live, what you use, just research about everything. Find the best options to live your life and make your life better and great. Don’t forget to comment me your experience of experiments.

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