Blog 50

Walk Through Such Beautiful Place for Ultimate Peace

In our 50th blog , I’m going to talk about peace and harmony of life . I am going to share quite easy and simple way to get ultimate peace of life . The best part of this way is that you could do this in any part of the world . I am going to talk about a certain sort of place which is available throughout the world . In some countries , such places are available in more than 40% of the total area of the country . Whereas , in other countries , it is less than that , but it is quite sure that this beautiful place is quite effective to make you free from stress . You just have to go there and spend some time . After a while you are going to feel complete peace of body and mind .

The Beautiful Place

I’m talking about agricultural farms . There are many countries in which agricultural land is present at large-scale. Even in the outskirts of almost all cities , agri land is available . According to World Bank Report of 2015 , almost 37% of total land is agricultural land throughout the world . Whenever you go through farms , you get a kind of peace and happiness . The best time is , when the crop is standing in farms . Through agricultural farms you get road , on both sides of which you see farms until horizon . Somewhere , you get bunch of trees to far long alongside the road .

You could get peace of mind and body by only thinking such beautiful place & scenarios in your mind . Now , imagine when you practically get into such environment , how much peace would you get . I’m sure many of you have already gone to such beautiful place and have such feelings with you . So , my ideas to write this blog is to promote this trend in order to remove stress by walking through farms.


What is So Special in Farms

It is said that natural things are good , if you eat natural food items , it will be extremely good for your health . When you breath natural fresh air , it is going to be extremely helpful for your lungs and overall health . If your kitchen activities are having more use of natural things , it is good for overall family health . Same way , if your living standard is natural , i mean to say when you follow most of the natural things in your day-to-day life , your life is going to be balanced irrespective of your financial health . Farms have the natural beauty in it . When you go to farms , you get fresh air . You get natural view of crops , soil , trees . You hear chirping voice in varieties of birds and animals .

Therefore , these all natural elements together make your mind peaceful and happy . You start feeling delighted when you go through such beautiful place or farms . You may see that in urban areas , people love to make artificial garden on the terrace to get the feel of original one . We could see many people including senior citizen’s , artist specially writers , poets visit farms oftentimes in order to make them more happy and concentrated to their work , to their life .

Guys , i know i shared something in this blog , which is quite general thing & almost everybody is aware about it . My motive is only to push the idea one more time in order to bring peace & harmony in this world . As we say , where there is peace , there is progress .


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