Blog 53

We are all set to enter into New Year 2018 . We have to say goodbye to 2017 . There were so many ups & downs in everybody & every corporate life in previous year . Life is same as two sides of coin . We have to go through ups & downs certainly in order to live life . When it comes to a New Year , many start thinking of few magical resolutions , which could change their life in the coming year . Everybody looks so excited while thinking of their resolutions for New Year . Many people are extremely curious about it around the Globe .

Most of the people set New Year resolution related to their habits in order to be more successful in the upcoming year . Many people set their resolution related to their food . Even many people have something unique in the matter of the New Year Resolution . On the eve of New Year 2018, I am going to share super 3 resolutions of the new year . Which are going to make a big impact on your life . The best part of these 3 resolutions is that these are so simple & familiar to you . These 3 resolutions are going to make your life balanced and productive . Which is gonna ensure that you become a self motivated man . Let’s straightaway take on our super 3 resolutions .

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

First and foremost thing which you could think to make a resolution for New Year is a simple habit . If you follow this habit every day , you are going to be a different man . I could say this because this habit is a part of the lifestyle of most of the leaders of the world ever . When you go early to bed and rise early in the next morning , you get so many benefits . It has direct positive impact on your health as suggested by doctors and it is suggested in Ayurveda as well . All along , this habit impacts on your mind . You get good thoughts in the early morning . You get a sense of spirituality , when you get up early in the morning . Therefore , you could schedule your entire day in the best way while getting up early in the morning .


Don’t Waste Your Energy in Useless Things

We do anything , any physical work , we spend our energy . Same way , we think something , we spend some energy . Everybody has limited energy , we are not robots or made up of artificial intelligence . We eat food , it gives us power but the power is limited . Now , it’s our duty and responsibility that how & where to use this power/energy . So , the idea is to make a list of priorities/tasks of your life . These tasks must fulfil your dream , your destination of life . Start your day by spending your energy in completing these all task . Luckily , if you still get some time or energy , then you could go for another task .

You may have heard that there are quite a few leaders in the world , who wear same sort of clothes every day . They may have few pairs of clothes but the design, colour and style is just same everyday . One couldn’t say that whether he had changed the previous day T-shirt or not because all the clothes are same . They put on same clothes for 365 days in a year and 24/7 . The main reason behind this , which I could think is that they don’t want to spend their energy in unusual things . They want to give more and more time and energy to their core work . That’s why they are leading the world today . You could find the related blog by clicking here .


Perfect Health

Perfect health is your right and it is your responsibility as well . There is a popular phrase in the world , which is “health is wealth” . This is a universal truth because our health is like a car , if we don’t maintain it , it won’t take us to next destination of our life . By saying health , i don’t mean that you gotta go to gym . You could make perfect health by staying at your home as well . Now , it’s your task to search for the best things which could work for your body in order to have a perfect health .

I believe the main factor is food which is going to give us perfect health . The requirement and type of food is different from body to body . So , you must know what does your body require . All along , don’t forget to exercise daily . Just pick up those exercise which work best for your body and mind . Adding to this , you could visit my blog on perfect health by clicking here to go through more .

Concluding Note of 2017

This is my last blog of 2017 . I wish you all a very happy New Year forward . I wish Love , Prosperity and Progress in everybody’s life . In fact , I believe there is nothing like success or failure . It’s you who decide what is success and what is failure . So, better we make another resolution this New Year to see everything like a success and eradicate the word ‘failure’ from our life . I have one more wish for everybody out here including me that our Karma (Action) must connect somehow in order to serve humanity . The way/style could be anything but it must add a bit positive to this world . Again , on the behalf of MOTIVATION N YOU , I wish you all & ones out there to make a great year ahead . Welcome 2018 , Cheers .