Blog 38

There are many cases all around the world, where, there is quarrel/fight between two parties/persons and the root cause is ‘exchange of dialogues’ between them, which they take too serious. Sometimes, their fights go to extreme level that even they attempt to kill each other & become killers. When we look back on such cases, we would wonder that the root cause was mere few unexpected dialogue deliveries of them. Even if, you were into such conflict in your life & now when you think about it. You would feel regret & sorry for you that you were behaving so childish & foolish.

The matter which you could’ve avoided easily did bad at you. I don’t argue here to say who is right or who are wrong. But i believe, in most of the cases both parties are responsible or having their part in it. At the same time, i say that it could be possible that one party could be totally innocent and other is having a mind of criminal. Here, our point of matter is that the root cause for such casualties is dialogues. Someone doesn’t like your dialogue for him & start action.

I won’t be wrong if I say that they get into trouble because they take themselves too serious. I don’t say a person shouldn’t be serious any time. There is a particular time in our life, in a day when we need to be serious otherwise we have to pay for it. But it becomes a problem when you take yourself extremely serious and look serious all the time. When you are unable to decide that at what point of time you should give importance to yourself or otherwise. There are many examples of the society, where we take ourself extreme serious & lose something important in our life. Few examples are given below.

In Any Relationship

There are many instances when in a relationship, (it could be in a family, it could be with your partner, with your friend) you stress much on just common and minor things sometimes. You take these simple matter too serious which results in a huge loss to you, to your family, to your society & ultimately to the world because world is made up of societies and societies are made up of families, families are made up of you.

So, just remember any action which you are going to act in hurry or with unwanted seriousness is going to impact your world somewhere. In the case of your family, if small issues/conflicts are being taken with extreme seriousness. It could result in going away of family members physically and mentally. If you take these things too serious in the relation with your partner. It could result in your divorce, divorce of one of the beautiful couple of the world. Same destruction could happen to other relations as well.


On the Road

I guess, daily road travellers/drivers feel it very well that extreme seriousness could be extremely dangerous in road rages. When you are on the road, you’ve to travel with certain cool of your mind and body. We see on roads, when people start quarrel/fights on minor scratch to their vehicles. They forget that they got safe with God Grace. Instead of thanking god they start harming each other. Such things happen almost in every part of the world. I don’t say to not resolving the matter but we choose the wrong path in extreme temperament. There are people that have Great patience on the road but we are talking in respect of those who become extremely serious about small things when it comes to road rages.


Learn from comedians

We could learn a lot from comedians when it comes to seriousness in our life. I’m talking about those comedians that have reached to a certain level in comedy and enjoy making fun of themselves. By doing so, for long time, they are able to link the seriousness with their real life. They get certain idea/belief of the demon of seriousness. Personally, i haven’t come across such comedian in my life. But i believe that when you don’t take yourself serious, make fun of you & still enjoy & able to feel peace of mind and body, i Just got to say that ‘you’ve nailed it’.


Significance of blog

The solution is simple, better you take yourself less serious in your life. Don’t look serious in general matter of your life, have a simple smile on your face. Learn the art to take those things serious, which are important to your life, to the world. You don’t have to do something big to learn this art but only have to think before act. More you practice, more you learn. Slowly, you would be able to take things lightly/with cool and you don’t stress on things which are not useful for you. Therefore, I say –

The less you take yourself serious, your index of happiness will rise.


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