Blog 37

This blog is gonna prove again that why old friends are special & what is their charisma. I’m sure that what I am gonna share with this blog is a common thing among friends, among good friends. We have friends and some of us are having many friends in our life. With time we make new friends because we step into another environment, new people, new places time to time. You spend your childhood at a certain place. You make friends there, then you start schooling, you make new friends there. After that, you go to college, I mean for higher study, you make new friends there. Then, you start your working life, you make new friends there. You shift your home to another place, here as well, you make new friends.

Apart from this, there are many other possibilities when you make new friends in your life. After a span of time, you start forgetting your old friends. Those friends who used to be your best friend in your life. They could be your childhood friends, school friends or college friends. After friends of so many years they are like your family member because your attachment to friends used to be extremly strong. Unfortunately, after so many years, you have a long distance from your friends. You hardly talk to them.

Stress Buster

Now what is going to be after this or the charisma which I am gonna tell is already happened with many people and they have felt it. Those who didn’t feel it yet, could think about it. The special thing about this charisma is that it could become strong stress booster in your life along with full enjoyment & fun. These days stress is not a new thing for us. Almost in every field, people are surrounded by stress in some or the other ways. As I mentioned many times in my blogs that how stress is becoming dangerous in our life day by day.

Often, people go for quick stress buster in haste. In this hurry, they go for shortcuts which are actually more expensive than long cuts. The charisma which I am going to deliver is so simple and extremely effective in order to fight stress. You don’t have to pay a single penny, in fact you are going to enjoy it a lot and the moment would become one of the best moment of your life. You are going to realise the same just after couple of sentences. Straightaway, let’s move to our charisma.


The Charisma

Guys I believe that world’s most simple things are the world’s most important things. As I said that our charisma is so simple so as it is powerful. For Charisma, you don’t have to do any extraordinary thing but you have to do a simple get together with your old friends. I’m sure you all are feeling relaxed now and some of you may be smiling/laughing. Guys, if you only have a glimpse of one of your old friend after a long time, you feel so happy and you start remembering the old days, may be goosebumps as well. Here, I am talking about spending some time with old friends.

So, you could imagine how relaxing and enjoyable moments there are going to be. You are going to feel extreme energetic and relax from your mind and body, after all you are seeing your friend , who is like your brother. Where there is relax and peace, there is no worry and stress. That’s why, I called it as a free and effective stress buster. By doing this, you are going to get something else as well, which is, your dull and dark relation has become a bright and glowing relation. In the concluding part, i just want to mention one thing that just go and catch your old friends. Who are staying in any corner of your mind, drag them to somewhere near to your heart & soul.


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